• 40.000 tracks!

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  • "The blues is the roots; everything else is the fruits." - Willie Dixon

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  • Msk your favorite pizza dj - 11/12/2008 Podcast

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  • One Hit Wonders of the UK Top 40 (part five): 1990s

    19 avr. 2007, 23h30m par HTUK

    Ending the series on UK one-hit wonders with the Nineties. I've marked the songs I personally recall in italics. I've also included the date they charted, and the highest position (in brackets).

    As explained in the first of these postings, the listing ends in 1996, yet even though it only covers half of the decade there are still a lot of one-hit wonder tracks here! Possibly because as the decades have moved on, the prominence of singles sales has fallen and so it has become easier and easier to have a chart-topping single and this has lead to a much higher turnover of tracks in the charts.

    As with the other lists, if you think of any I might have missed from this decade, let me know here. Please drop me a note too if any bring back memories! :^)

    Ok, for one last time, here we go:

    20-Jan-90Instant Replay(10)
    03-Feb-90Probably A Robbery(38)
    10-Feb-90Bikini Girls With Machine Guns(35)
    10-Feb-90Walk On The Wild Side(27)
  • Love

    14 fév. 2007, 4h28m par rselzer

    So in honor of Valentine's Day, I've compiled a list of songs with love in the title from my iTunes.
    Enjoy my tacky/odd music taste.
    You're In Love Charlie Brown - Vince Guaraldi
    Without Love - Hairspray Soundtrack
    Where is The Love? - Black Eyed Peas
    We Live For Love - Pat Benatar
    Victim Of Love - The Eagles
    Try And Love Again - The Eagles
    True Love Is Not Nice - Jonathan Richman
    True Fine Love - Steve Miller Band
    This Old Love - Lior
    This Love - Maroon 5
    Thing Called Love - Bonnie Raitt
    The Game Of Love - Santana Feat. Michelle Branch
    The Best of My Love - The Eagles
    Tainted Love - Soft Cell
    Sunshine of Your Love - Cream
    Such A Lovely Thing - DeVotchKa
    Strangelove Addiction - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
    Stoppin' The Love - KT Tunstall
    Someday You Will Be Loved - Death Cab for Cutie
    Somebody to Love - Queen
    She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
    She Loves You - The Beatles
    Seasons of Love - Rent Soundtrack
    Say You Love Me - Fleetwood Mac