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  • monsterpop

    seriously, if you guys don't bother about listening to an artist until they release an album that had the working title "no, i've never heard of jens lekman", wouldn't the proper question be "why do i sound so very much like an asshole"?

    avril 2010
  • Jan74

    My problem is not that he sounds like Jens Lekman, as much as that the songs aren't as good as JL's or SKWBN.

    mars 2010
  • somatristessa

    I don't care how much this guy sounds like everyone else. Still really great pop songs.

    février 2010
  • csmeatwad

    the poor man's JL.

    mai 2009
  • borntohang

    It's impossible to enjoy music like this because the only reason it exists is because the artist (Hallden) is a hack. Like I said, it's one thing to be influenced by someone and a completely different thing to rip someone off entirely. Lekman may be influenced by Richman, Merritt and Morrissey but he's not bending over backwards trying to sound EXACTLY like them. Nor is Richman trying to be anything like Reed (a comparison I don't really care for though). Erik Hallden will never amount to anything if he keeps this thievery up. Sucker.

    mars 2009
  • myfavoriteword

    hasn't it occured to you that jens himself is as much influenced by jonathan richman (and richman by lou reed) as you proclaim halldén to be by lekman? why fight over influences, it's simply unnecessary. enjoy the music instead.

    mars 2009
  • borntohang

    Is this guy for real? Come the fuck on! It's one thing to be influenced by someone and a completely different thing to rip someone off entirely. Lekman should sue this guy for everything he's worth.

    mars 2009
  • antenna

    Jens Lekman's clone. But listening to him is a pleasure.

    février 2009
  • zepfel

    "oh, except i never met lou reed" me neither bro. me neither.

    janvier 2009
  • newkid7

    Swedes! Swedes!!

    janvier 2009
  • chemical404

    oh those swedes..

    octobre 2008
  • Ohllie

    If I ever get married:

    septembre 2008
  • hopippolla

    when i listen to erik i feel <3 and :)

    août 2008
  • Ohllie

    Memories, oh, the memories. :)

    juillet 2008
  • monsterpop

    saltsjö duvnäs '01 is sheer brilliance.

    novembre 2007
  • dontaloras

    erik e min nya tweepopfavorit =^:^=

    février 2007
  • japanjens

    eric hallden ownz

    janvier 2007