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24 mai 2012 | de

Smhspill is one of those artists that, regardless of how much hype is generated it doesn't seem to go anywhere. With the release of his new mixtape, Smhspill achieved 130,000 plays in the first few days. In comparison to 50 Cent's "The Lost Tape" it's not much until you consider Smhspill's situation.

Smhspill is an artist with the bare minimum of recording equipment. He often writes about trying to record in between naps. I can imagine attempting to record on sub-par equipment being difficult. Throwing in such a small amount time to perfect your flow without headphones all while attempting not to wake up your baby  must be difficult. 

One of Smhspill's songs is below. It really is reminiscent of Eminem's "If I had" if I do say so myself. Smhspill is supported by me. Check his music out with an open mind. You may enjoy it. This is an artist that can benefit from some real equipment and studio time.

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