12 août 2010, 15h23m par plumindustries

    Wayne Funnel is a freelance Science/Historical Correspondent with ABC Radio Australia. His illustrated talks are also regularly broadcast during The Night Air, the cult “listening for pleasure” program heard from 8:30 pm on Sunday evenings on ABC Radio National.

    For this 11:11 podcast Wayne has prepared an especially extended admixture of his unique commentary interspersed with surprisingly entertaining musical items.

    N.B. Whilst the utmost care has been taken in the selection and transcription of these discs, many of them were garnered during Wayne’s frequent visits to St. Vincent De Paul stockists and so he can, at this point, only apologise for any incidental surface noise or needle excursions that may occasionally punctuate the presentation.

    Interested listeners can read a little more about Wayne Funnel at any one of these three convenient Uniform Resource Locations:
    Linked In
    ABC Pool