• Review #4: Radiohead - In Rainbows (2007) [Portuguese]

    28 juin 2009, 6h43m par RaulRoque
    In Rainbows - Radiohead
    "O fenômeno Radiohead: A revolução de uma das maiores bandas da atualidade"
    Detalhes do Álbum:

    Nome/Músico: Radiohead (Colin Greenwood; Ed O'Brien; Jonny Greenwood; Phil Selway; Thom Yorke)
    Nome/Álbum: In Rainbows
    Lançado: 10 de Outubro de 2007
    Gênero: Rock/Alternativo
    Duração: 42:34
    Gravadora: XL Recordings
    Produtor: Nigel Godrich

    Avaliação Faixa a Faixa:

    1. 15 Step
    Colin Greenwood; Ed O'Brien; Jonny Greenwood; Phil Selway; Thom Yorke

    Um dos álbuns de 2007 mais aguardados pela imprensa se inicia com sons eletrônicos desorientados ao fundo, assemelhando-se a batidas secas e abafadas. Logo Thom toma a posse dos vocais e nos apresenta os primeiros trechos do sétimo álbum de estúdio dos roqueiros britânicos. "15 Steps" parece ser uma música romântica à la Radiohead, com um narrador no início se questionando como ele pôde…
  • Radiohead live

    1 déc. 2007, 12h35m par BohEmiA

    As a tribute to the fact that I am going to Roskilde next year to see Radiohead (I will suffer to my fear of tents and screaming drunks in the night), I give you some great Radiohead live moments. Youtube are swamped in Radiohead live clips, and I have far from watched them all, but these are some of my favorittes so far. ENJOY!!! (and leave some comments.. hehe)

    Paranoid Android - Live at Later
    This is just perfectly filmed. The person that produced it has heard the song before and are just at the right place at the right time!! The solo with he go back and forth between Ed and Jonny Greenwood was just perfect. Look at Jonny sprinting around on the right side between instruments :) Thom Yorke on the other hand, is all ready starting to look a bit pale. For us that have seen "meeting people is easy". We know that it's only gonna get worse in time...

    I love how into it they are in this clip.. Look at Colin Greenwood singin and Ed O'Brien just sitting down in the middle. …
  • Favourite Artists - Radiohead

    3 oct. 2007, 0h28m par JonathanC06

    OK, havent done a journal in a while and I certainly havent done something like this in a while either. Anyways, lets begin.

    The first time I heard of Radiohead was a few days before the release of Kid A.

    Then, I was watching a Music Videos show on Irish TV which ran into the middle of the night. It kept playing a Metalica song like at least once every night. After that video was played one night, it played the video of a song which I knew feck all about.

    It showed a car driving down at night with a man at the back of the car and a man running away from it. Of course, the man in the back was Thom Yorke. And the song was Karma Police from OK Computer.
    Karma Police

    I thought nothing of the video after that. Then last year, at a time where I would obsessvely listen to The Killers and Coldplay, I jumped on the bandwagon and give it a few tries. When I heard Paranoid Android for the 1st time, it was brillant but it was Karma Police which mad eme think.
  • Jammin' Radiohead

    22 juin 2007, 17h45m par Lukin99

    Eddie Vedder met Ed O'Brien through Johnny Marr and Neil Finn (guess it's "7 World Collide" gig). Neil Finn and Ed Vedder share the same spotlight as musician (or lyricist) avant garde in the 90's. Both are GREAT songwriters with their solid fanbase. Some people that I know, share their interest between Pearl Jam and Radiohead. Both of them (Ed Ved and Yorke) have unique perspectives on something (check any lyrics they wrote). And up until yesterday, no more clues left to explain connectivity between those alternative's two supergroup.

    Suddenly, I found Ed Vedder jamming "Creep", day ago (June 21) on Multiply (I'd like to share it soon). Full from start to end, eventhough we have no idea what he sang to replace Thom Yorke' lyric on that song. He just mumbled out, except on the reffrain where his baritone voice humming "...but I'm a creep!". Have no idea when and where the track was eventually recorded (said on Free Birdman Sessions or something), but it was cool finally I got something to share…