From the Ruins of the band Baal Gadrial, In the year of our Master 2003, Azgorh created the dark art known as Drowning the Light, which unleashed its first rituals, 4 tapes, Shrouded in misery and mystery, extremely limited and given out only to close allies.
2004 saw the birth of the first full length album « drowned », filled with keys and epic sorrow this also was only given out to a select few.
On the eve of 05/06/06 a small gathering/ritual was held in the forest ontop of what is known as the « occult mountain », when midnight struck to break in 06/06/06 Drowning the Light played their first show, with session members Tortured Soul on Drums and Nightwolf on Guitar. Then on the same date at 4am in dedication to HIM a 7 » was written and recorded, before the Morning Star rose, before Lucifer lit that morn.
Late 2006 3 of the 4 demos and the full length « drowned » were released on a double cd entitled « The Fallen Years ».
During 2006 3 other albums were completed « A world Long Dead » & « To the end of Time » (with guest vocals from Gamol & Scorpios), both to be released in 2007 and « the masters empire » which is to be a split CD with Sabnack in Asgard Musik’s 9cd 9year box set limited to 99 due out in early 07.
In December 2006 Drowning the Light played its second Ritual on the island of Tasmania.
Early 2007 new material has been written and recorded « Of Celtic Blood and Satanic Pride ».
Drowning the Light played the « Recrucify the Bastard » festival on easter weekend 2007, The use of dead ravens and other assorted rotting beasts were scattered throughout the ritual chamber and the stench of death overwelmed alot of people who were forced to leave due to it.
Drowning the Light has started more sonic rituals as the winter months of this southern land are upon us (2007), these include a new full length (The Serpents Reign) and split material with Empire of Tharaphita and Arkha Sva as well as a future split with dark ambient band Old Oak.
A continuation of Obscure dark ambient material is recorded under the title « Obscure Worship » in late 2007 and thus the obscure worship chronicles will be continued in 2008.
2007 ends with Drowning the Light playing the « Nocturnal Occult Ritual », utter chaos and disorder and Tortured Souls first live appearance doing guest vocals for a song (the show being cut short after it due to Tortured Souls psychotic actions on stage).
The rotten first months of 2008 recording for a split with the obscure entity known as Forbidden Citadel of Spirits (aus) has been completed, as well as progress on a new mini album « The Weeping Moon » and the third part of the Obscure Worship Chronicles « Poisoned Summer ».
A melancholic Autumn brings the completion of the new MLP filled with Vampyric and Lycanthropic Sadness, also the completion of the split material with cult brazillian horde EVIL (5 tracks from Drowning the Lights side).
The Bitter Winter Months of this southern land brought forth the composition and recording of this years first full length album « The Blood of the Ancients »; majestic and epic yet melancholic and raw, the storm that rages on.
2009 now upon us and Drowning the Light once again will come from out of the shadows to the ritual altar, 2 live ritual on march 6-7 in Finland as part of the Bloodcult tour, this will be Drowning the Lights first shows abroad… and not the Last.
Recording of new material for various unannounced splits has begun which soon will be revealed.
Returning from the land of the dead sun in march 09, whilst there recording of a mini album with finnish comrades Shatraug, M.Kadotus & Stormheit took place in the last days of their winter.
Splits with Sargeist (fin), Empire of Tharaphita (fin), Lone Suffer (jap) & Eternum (aust), will be unleashed later this year, all material recorded in 2008 and planned for some time, they will finally be thrust from the darkness into the blind masses.
April has seen the completion of an album improvised out of pure madness, the recording started in the spring of 2007 and has only just been completed in the autumn of 2009, this recording is Azgorh & Poltergeist only and is entitled « A Pact with Madness », it’s concept based on a leper plotting against the society he was cast from and his decent into insanity. This will only ever be released on vinyl.
The writing of a new full length began in Jan 2009 and has continued to be written and thus should be ready to record by april, when the bastard nazerene was slain. This full length not only composed by Azgorh but also S, Blackheart and Wraith (nazxul, nox inferi)… This scorched land will once again be shrouded in darkness and misery… And this Art will NEVER die.
The new album « An Alignment of Dead Stars » has now been completed through the Autumn chill of April and shall be released through Avantgarde Music.
2009 draws to an end and a new MCD/MLP has been recorded in the spring months with Blackheart, Wraith and Azgorh at the helm, « The Fading Rays of the Sun » is cold, majestic and melancholic black metal from the darkest depths of this southern landscape. 2010 bleeds in with the unleashing of the occult offering between DTL and Acherontas upon the blind masses, the early summer months of 2010 brought forth the sonic ritual creations for various splits in the coming seasons, as well as the composition of the next dark opus brooding in the shadows. Blood of the weak shall be spilt before this year is through.

members :

Azgorh - All Worship,Tyranny, Pain & Intolerance

Semi-permanent members:

Wraith (Nazxul, Nox Inferi)- Guitars, Bass, Keys (An Alignment of Dead Stars, The Fading Rays of the Sun)

Blackheart - Drums, Guitars, Bass (The Weeping Moon MLP, The Blood of the Ancients, split with Eternum, split with Sargeist, split with Lone Suffer, 3 way split with Nihasa & Possession Ritual, bonus tracks on the split with Empire of Tharaphita,An Alignment of Dead Stars, The Fading Rays of the Sun)

Session Members:

S - Drums, Guitars, Bass (split with Evil, The Blood of the Ancients, split with Eternum, split with Sargeist, split with Lone Suffer, 3 way split with Nihasa & Possession Ritual, bonus tracks on the split with Empire of Tharaphita,An Alignment of Dead Stars)

Nightwolf - Guitars (« 06/06/06 It Begins Here… » 7 » Ep)

Tortured Soul - Drums, backing vocals ( « The Fallen Years » CD & Demos, the split CD with Sabnack in the 9yr 9cd Asgard Musik Box set, split with Arkha Sva, The Serpents Reign, split with old oak, Flames of Sacrifice, Obscure Worship, Poisoned Summer, The Blood of the Ancients)

S.S.T ( Baal Gadrial R.I.P) - Drums (Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride, Flames of Sacrifice)

Scorpios (Crimson Moon, Sabnack, EVP, Possession Ritual etc.) - Vocals (2 tracks on « To the End of Time »)

Gamol (Drohtnung) - Vocals, Bones, Flute, bodhran (1 Track on « To the End of Time »)

Jarmed (Kill the Kristians, Nuclear Winter) - Drums (live)

… (Kapitualtion) - Guitar (Live, split with Arkha Sva, The Serpents Reign, The Weeping Moon)

M - Bass (live)

M.N - Drums (Tormented Nights, Heldentod split, Forbidden Citadel of Spirits split)

Shatraug (Horna, Sargeist etc.) - Guitars (Live in Finland, The Land of the Dead Sun MLP)

M. Kadotus (Musta Kappeli, Calvarium etc.) - Bass (Live in Finland, The Land of the Dead Sun MLP)

Stormheit (Stormheit, Empire of Tharaphita etc.) - Drums (Live in Finland, The Land of the Dead Sun MLP)


The Darkness in my heart, mind and spirit.
The cold wind stirring at night.
The Last breath of a Fallen symbol of hope.
Infinite Sorrow.
The blood that surges through my veins.
The ways of the old.
War and Intolerance towards the feeble being.
The Nocturnal Predator.
The Satanic Elite.
The Cult of black Metal.

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