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  • I0000days

    come to brazil

    juin 2014
  • Pflanzennamen

    So many jewels brew in tiny mind groups producing a profound taste to help form taste of others. I wonder if it will last for long. Them, meeting each other and bigger ones over and over again. It's even in a printed and translated expensive book.

    avril 2014
  • mrsqrrl

    Does anyone else hear the resemblance between Treetop Drive 3's main theme and that of Edvard Grieg's Aase's Death?

    octobre 2013
  • Akatian


    octobre 2013

    viewfromabus: treetop drive 2 if you're wondering 4 months later

    octobre 2013
  • mk741

    Just ordered the box set. Hope for the best.

    août 2013
  • geck1

    quickly became my favorite dark ambient artist

    juin 2013
  • viewfromabus

    does anyone know which deathprod song it is that sounds like it has a foghorn blaring intermittently through it? I really like that one. cheers

    juin 2013
  • geck1


    mai 2013
  • FaceWas

    The Contraceptive Briefcase II, oh man

    décembre 2012
  • memristor

    many, many blue ribbons

    octobre 2012
  • satanicazrael

    where is your god

    août 2012
  • oaquard

    Dream malfunction.

    août 2012
  • helloimjoshua

    this guy is a genius

    mai 2012
  • boehj

    fantastic ambient.

    février 2012
  • BoT___

    It's been almost a year since I last listened to Morals and Dogma. What's wrong with me? Great ambient!

    mai 2011
  • agrophobia

    Dead people's things is a fucking masterpiece . {2}

    octobre 2010
  • SothO

    Helge Sten's the man.

    août 2010
  • cyanidem

    Deerstalker is amazing.

    mai 2010
  • Smirnon

    the Deathprod box set is one of the most fundamental pieces of music around.

    janvier 2010
  • AllRoadsLead

    I'm with stonedsoup..Dead People's Things..Ahhh..

    janvier 2010
  • Sleperr

    whoa, impressive.

    décembre 2009
  • spectralgiant

    I agree with vr4: Dead People's Things is a morose, dambient masterpiece. The Deathprod Box Set is a must.

    novembre 2009
  • spongeluke

    bar ======= set

    septembre 2009
  • venonoso

    Nice creepy, depressive, haunting drones.

    septembre 2009
  • sunslide

    this guy is a genius and the 4cd boxset from rune grammofon a masterpiece

    septembre 2009
  • derdakommtzumir

    haha! where is the ambient? just noise here...

    août 2009
  • neurofibro

    absolutely stunning, all of it. 6:15 brilliantly delivered

    mai 2009
  • Vouna

    my favorite act of all time.

    avril 2009
  • sjakedakus

    this shiznit is effing gr8!

    juin 2008
  • Nymphenburg

    I know - reissues. But the original pressings are impossible to find and anyway I was refering to the whole catalog, no matter if re-issues or not. Come to think about it, some songs on Reference Frequencies were released before... Wonder though if 6 Track will ever be on

    janvier 2008
  • fuckno

    6:15 is the most harrowingly moving music ever forever ever

    décembre 2007
  • mocapuff

    *reminder* I need to order the box already.

    novembre 2007
  • Nymphenburg

    Treetop Drive is probabily one of the best Rune Grammofon released I've ever heard... so far.

    octobre 2007
  • clicK3

    This is terrifying.

    octobre 2007
  • Dhira

    Best ambient ever

    septembre 2007
  • ivanmatthew

    This is drone for MEN with large penises.

    mars 2007
  • Twilight31

    mongomoves: Deathprod isn't metal at all. Drone is a term for the low ever-changing ambient sounds.

    décembre 2006
  • Thymm

    This is the shit.

    octobre 2006
  • mongomoves

    This is pretty droney. I don't think it has to be metal anymore.

    juillet 2006
  • samitami

    well, a kind of heavy psychedelic droney ambient grown somewhere in the avant-garden. deathprod, you are the man, man.

    juin 2006