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    1 mars 2011, 12h46m par Mdeugene

  • Rob Zombie - Educated Horses

    21 fév. 2007, 23h25m par r-h

    The wait has been long, the build-up drawn-out and the pay-off immense. Rob Zombie’s new album has finally arrived after five long years and it sinks the other two with one shot.

    Bringing together elements of all of his past work, both solo and with White Zombie, Rob has done absolutely everything right this time. One of the songs fans will have heard before the albums release is the first single Foxy Foxy which isn’t the most immediate song, but give it time. It’s sultry grooves and Rob’s light, husky voice will stick with you before you know it. Other pre-release airings went to the awesome, hard and heavy American Witch, which Rob and the band premiered live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in March and the slightly more traditional high-speed fare of Let It All Bleed Out, which is a little more akin to some of the things we’ve heard from Rob before. The new Zombie band now features former Marilyn Manson/2wo guitarist John “5″ Lowery…