It took little to no time for Belgian-born talented DJ and eclectic producer to stand out through the originality of his creations.

Launching his own label, Pinkslowmotel, he soon learned his trade and decided to release his first music productions himself.

Very quickly, some of the best reference electronic music labels contacted the relentless producer who went on to sign more than twenty vinyl records, which were played all around the globe by the best underground DJs.

Label: Kostabar-Tanzbard,Workbench,Karton,BEEFrec.,…
Dj Resident/ Wax Club Brussels.

Successfully blending melodious and decadent music, every one of David Garcet’s tracks plunges its listeners in his very personal, sexy and emotionally charged universe.

The magnificent ERO enjoyed over two years’ playlist on several mixed compilations, including Danny Howells’ Renaissance.

Later on, Confidence would further confirm the huge success of the artist and the electro rock track would figure on Harbour Boat Trip, an album of Trentemøller’s personal favourites.

Having earned his live reputation with some furious DJ sets, he now unrelentingly travels around Europe and is resident DJ in one of the capital’s best-known club, The Wax.

A modern artist with regular releases, this key producer and DJ no doubt holds many more great surprises for us this year…

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