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  • musmortwin

    This song soundtracks my dreams quite frequently for some reason.

    Il y a 29 jours
  • Loichte

    the best!

    mai 2014
  • althefknamsrtkn

    Good song, but he's got so many better performances even on Station to Station. just because this one's really vulnerable and bare don't make it the best!

    avril 2014
  • theironictea


    avril 2014
  • Akayz7

    this is soooo scott walker :)

    avril 2014
  • b-l-u-r

    Bowie's finest vocal performance. [3]

    mars 2014
  • davidbowiegirl

    Bowie's finest vocal performance. [2] Or at least in his top 5 :)

    janvier 2014
  • AbelMagwitch

    one of my favorites. simply beautiful

    mai 2013
  • cat-dentures

    CainDavies: maybe try Billy Mackenzie's cover of this song if you're looking to be swept in by vocals. It's a pretty amazing version.

    avril 2013
  • CainDavies

    I just don't really like this, and I make the point because I want to swept in by his vocals n stuff but I just don't get anything from it

    avril 2013
  • licoricepizza

    i love his vocal stylings on this!

    mars 2013
  • Wild_Eyed_Girl


    mars 2013
  • BlackLodgeDwarf

    Wow, I just realised how amazing this song actually is.

    mars 2013
  • CastrosFidel

    love this song !

    février 2013
  • lyle_catcliffe

    Bowie's finest vocal performance.

    février 2013
  • daveandi

    mmmmmmmmmmm She is...

    février 2013
  • sunilmittal667

    So beautiful.

    janvier 2013
  • gonzeaux

    Few things compare to this [2]

    novembre 2012
  • gonzeaux

    Every time. "Don't you know you're life itself"... goddamn. His vocal performance here is otherworldly. My hero, that David.

    novembre 2012
  • lam5

    love david bowie takes me back in time

    octobre 2012
  • corpsetastic

    somehow melancholy and soothing.

    octobre 2012
  • clayishtwine

    Few things compare to this...love and such are one here and now.

    septembre 2012
  • DzaMusicFreak

    Ooooh. ♥

    mai 2012
  • Turnersmemo

    best cover ever

    mai 2012
  • joehardy19

    I can't do anything else when I listen to this, you just have to let yourself become immersed. Musical perfection <3

    avril 2012
  • emiliankasemi

    Perfect ! one of my all time favorite songs...

    mars 2012
  • kikikirsche

    mars 2012
  • UntidyDubs

    This is to be played at my Mother's funeral. R.I.P. Mom. xxx

    janvier 2012
  • Enigmatic_Smile

    pure beauty ♡

    décembre 2011
  • lorien_212

    Fantastic!. My favourite song.

    décembre 2011
  • rtdavis

    Class recording from a class artist. Superb

    novembre 2011
  • gorgeousgab

    so damn gorgeous

    novembre 2011
  • davidbowiegirl

    Amazing song, he sings so wonderfully - so emonationally <3

    novembre 2011
  • inhocvince


    octobre 2011
  • jillian8

    Loved this track from 1st listen

    septembre 2011
  • KeithJones


    septembre 2011
  • rainman3000

    Great song, in some moments he`s like god

    août 2011
  • electrolutz

    catchy vocals- he got me.

    août 2011
  • SingVenomNoir

    The most incredible vocals- perfect.

    août 2011
  • thepathologist

    Pop music doesn't really get any better than this, does it ?

    juillet 2011
  • okasjusha

    such songs make you believe that there is some supreme spirit somewhere in eternity

    juillet 2011
  • cool_ethan

    @Schkatz - agreed...love them both...and damn brilliant

    avril 2011
  • Smartkm

    Its soooo lonnnngg since I've heard this song and still it sends shivers down my spine.

    avril 2011
  • unclehilton

    Chilling but sweet.

    avril 2011
  • pjacko


    mars 2011
  • bravodiegobra

    Espléndida interpretación

    mars 2011
  • funk-to-funky

    I especially like the live recorded at the BBC Radio Theatre :D

    mars 2011
  • Schkatz

    I'm confused - better Nina or better Bowie. Brilliant. Both.

    février 2011
  • qualityhill

    David has my heart n soul here!!

    février 2011
  • rikrijean

    excellent artist, very good singer!!

    février 2011