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  • electricmonster

    monange daydream

    Il y a 12 jours
  • juanpalaciosde

    Freak out in a moonage daydream.

    octobre 2014
  • dorothydorothy

    keep your electric eye on me babe, put your ray-gun to my head

    septembre 2014
  • licoricepizza

    Well, that was a nice surprise! (Guardians of the Galaxy).

    août 2014
  • Keithcow

    Never heard this for years - nice guitars

    juillet 2014
  • shellbyrne


    avril 2014
  • sl8221958

    i'm getting the Ziggy version and goosebumps which is pretty impressive after all these years [2] Don't fake it baby, lay the real thing on me!

    mars 2014
  • pokeydevlin

    i'm getting the Ziggy version and goosebumps which is pretty impressive after all these years

    mars 2014
  • SoRave

    oh my god, i completely forgot about how obsessed i was with this song.

    février 2014
  • HenryBadaroh

    Life anthem.

    octobre 2013
  • BruceLovesTacos

    Everytime. <3

    octobre 2013
  • justcallmeD

    always and forever my favorite song off of the album

    septembre 2013
  • sl8221958

    Enough with the damn live versions. [2] Sometimes you can't get an original album version of a song a certain song or particular artist on LFM.

    août 2013
  • benvolene

    Yay, what a beautiful version of this song. One of my all-time favourite songs.

    juin 2013
  • stargazer916

    Mick fucking Ronson! [3]

    juin 2013
  • Wild_Eyed_Girl

    One of the best songs ever.

    juin 2013
  • Riff55

    Enough with the damn live versions.

    mai 2013
  • ryfarley96

    Put your raygun to my head.[2] <3

    mai 2013
  • johnTMcNeill

    still loving this as much as I was the day it came out... :)

    avril 2013
  • bennok

    This one is reminiscent of "China Girl".... but, wait, no, it can't be : this one is much older :)

    mars 2013
  • ati1978

    the last minutes stimulates

    mars 2013
  • KommisarK

    Put your raygun to my head.

    mars 2013
  • davemj


    février 2013
  • pokeydevlin

    How awesome that the duke has once again returned. I really thought it was over

    janvier 2013
  • davidbowiegirl

    Great song <3 Happy birthday David!

    janvier 2013
  • BlueOclock

    Well, I was wondering what Mick Ronson's middle name was. Now I know!

    janvier 2013
  • StaggerRach

    best song on the album! in love with this

    novembre 2012
  • zimmerman6290

    Mick fucking Ronson! [2]

    novembre 2012
  • flash_flem

    Good God that solo!

    octobre 2012
  • venicechance

    One of Bowie's most memorable tracks.

    septembre 2012
  • Bowono

    Love that song so much, especially the beginning. Genius Bowie at his best.

    août 2012
  • Druid66

    I especially like the witty lyrics and fuzzy guitar.

    août 2012
  • Turnersmemo

    At last got the proper version!!

    juillet 2012
  • lammasabacthani

    not genuine

    juillet 2012
  • Turnersmemo

    Don't fake it last FM - proper version please.

    juillet 2012
  • doctorjmo

    dat dude!!!

    juillet 2012
  • Ghost_Buster

    Mick fucking Ronson!

    juin 2012
  • Gahbs_

    Fucking love this song

    juin 2012
  • hexicola

    karaoke version :(

    mai 2012
  • aleshamder

    Best outro ever. Monster of a song. [3]

    mai 2012
  • vsm_222


    mai 2012
  • Malkamillian

    not David Bowie.

    avril 2012
  • Deardeadfriend

    What a gem.

    avril 2012
  • Kadmon1

    the karaoke version

    avril 2012
  • xo4erepafka

    what is this version that plays on last.fm radio? it's kinda like instrumental w/backing vocals

    mars 2012
  • LesterPiglet

    Where the hell did this track come from? I've never heard it before. It sure isn't off Ziggy.

    mars 2012
  • OTCculture

    sexy space freak love song

    février 2012
  • seaweedgirle

    Always good. My fave Bowie song.

    février 2012
  • pablo323

    Best outro ever. Monster of a song. [2]

    février 2012
  • gytonuncut

    nt david though

    janvier 2012