• Good day was today (well, by the time I finish this, yesterday)

    23 sept. 2005, 23h43m par andrewbiles

    Indeed it was a good day. The last couple have been actually. It was good going back to Uni and seeing everyone again on Thursday. I got my timetable and found out that I've got Fridays off, although it comes at the price of having to be in at 9am on a Monday. Ah well, three day weekend. Only have five lessons in the week as well, which is a shock, but some are four hours long!
    Yesterday I don't remember doing anything at all.
    Today I got Garth Marenghi's 'Darkplace' on DVD. It's not an official DVD but people are selling the six episodes that were shown on channel four a few years back and I had to have it. Excellent show if you haven't seen it before. Also got '1972' by Josh Rouse and 'Singer songwriter project' by David Blue (the latter being the better of the two). Then I decided to purchase tickets to see The Decemberists on November 17th at ULU which should be enjoyable. Then I found an article on Indie Workshop saying that there were 4AD 25th anniversary celebration shows going on in November…