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    30 jan. 2007, 0h28m par mesh_gear_fox

    I wish I could track the records I play on my stereo on my page. If you look at that, you'd think I solely listen to indie bullshit and Swedish twee pop. Little does the Internet know that the bulk of my record collection was that of my father's and the records I play are classic rock (much of which falls in the yacht rock genre), Wall of Sound-era girl groups and hippie crap.

    My dad's taste was all over the map, and I'm totally benefiting from that. So is my friend Matt, who snagged a ton of soul, R&B and jazz albums from me, since that's not particularly my cup of tea. You'd have thought he'd found his personal Holy Grail when he discovered my dad's original copy of Miles Davis' On the Corner, which has some pretty bad-ass cover art.

    What I think I love most about my dad's collection is that there are some albums of which he has two or three copies, presumably because he liked them enough to wear them out. And to think I only have maybe 1/4 of his stuff, if even. …