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  • synblah

    I think that the EP is fantastic, Tentacles is fantastic, Two-Way Mirror is fantastic, and Nothing Is Real is fantastic. They are all different and they are all great.

    octobre 2013
  • Eat-Me-Drink-Me

    отличный новый альбом!

    octobre 2013
  • Poelzig

    IMHO the new album is better than their last two records, but still not as good as the E.P. Not fast enough, not hard enough. Maybe i was expecting something dirtier and aggressive? Oh well...

    octobre 2013
  • president_block

    Two-Way Mirror is good... but Tentacles was better... but the EP is best [2] Imo Major Stars, Awesome Color and Comets On Fire belong in the "similar artists" list.

    août 2012
  • ChurchArsonist

    Such a good band, especially Tentacles

    août 2012
  • MyHeadOnAPlate

    The video for Summer Solstice gets me off.

    février 2012
  • santagar11


    janvier 2012
  • prayforrock

    Does anybody have the Tentacles Era Cassette that the Antlers were selling a while back. Send me a message I'll pay nicely for it

    décembre 2011
  • Fuzzedelic

    Two-Way Mirror is good... but Tentacles was better... but the EP is best

    octobre 2011
  • Crousty_Bat

    "Parting Song For The Torn Sky" is their best song ! A masterpiece !

    septembre 2011
  • Gerard1992

    for the dutch fans: http://www.kofferbaque.nl/2011/09/crystal-antlers-two-way-mirror.html

    septembre 2011
  • burgerrecords

    out now on burger, it's... CRYSTAL ANTLERS - TWO-WAY MIRROR / SON OF THE MIRROR (CASS) 250 pressed (100 clear / 150 pink) SUPER AWESOME PSYCHEDELIC ROCK N ROLL OUTTA THE LBC!!! don't blink cause these are gonna get gone fast!!! www.burgerrecords.com

    septembre 2011
  • ivanlazaro

    Two-Way Mirror is so good... but Tentacles was better

    août 2011
  • LasyDreamz

    Two-Way Mirror is awesome just like Tentacles. The Crystal Antlers EP is still the best though

    août 2011
  • Alturn8tive

    New album is a keeper

    août 2011
  • Groovemine

    Two-Way Mirror is a fascinating and challenging album, that could lift prog indie. Read more with our review on Groovemine HERE: http://www.groovemine.com/rantsraves_review_crystal-antlers_two-way-mirror

    août 2011
  • sonofrocco

    review: http://www.fyh.com.pl/2011/08/crystal-antlers-two-way-mirror-2011.html

    août 2011
  • SometimeWorld

    new album is sweet

    juillet 2011
  • CreepingElm

    Crystal Antlers @ the Echo Los Angeles, CA 7.26.11 http://creepingelm.blogspot.com/2011/07/crystal-antler-echo-72611.html

    juillet 2011
  • MrC2000

    While Tentacles is sometimes to stressful for my ears [even I often like edgy noise], Two Way-Mirror way more pleasant. I need to listen to them more, i guess!

    juillet 2011
  • deadhippie61

    I think I like the new album better than Tentacles... yeahhhhhh

    juillet 2011
  • Liteee

    I like the new album!!

    juillet 2011
  • anawynn


    juillet 2011
  • LadyLillain

    Fucking fantastic show in Reno last night! Thank you for coming to our black hole of a city and making me shake my particles. Can't wait for the new album :)

    juin 2011
  • Degarmo

    my girlfriend wears my crystal antlers top as pajamas.

    juin 2011
  • Aaron342

    I had a weird dream last night that I had a new album by them only to wake up today and find that one's announced. Fuck yes!

    mai 2011
  • A_Lan

    Finally got the album. Bad ass.

    mai 2011
  • CrystalAntlers

    We just released a new song called "Summer Solstice" you can grab it for free here: www.crystalantlers.com Hope you like it. thank you

    mai 2011
  • explodingnsound

    The brand new compilation from ExplodingInSound.com "BATTERY ACID AUDIO" is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD at http://www.explodinginsound.com/2011/03/exploding-in-sound-presents-battery.html featuring CRYSTAL ANTLERS, ...TRAIL OF DEAD, J MASCIS, MARNIE STERN and 22 other great bands.

    avril 2011
  • stephornd


    février 2011
  • BigPinkStink

    The new songs knee deep,summer solstice will put them on the map for sure. best band around.

    janvier 2011
  • engagingfranky

    unique, one and only!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )))

    décembre 2010
  • dlistblogger

    The chords on 10,000 watts are the same as Kate Nash's foundations.

    décembre 2010
  • Introducing

    10,000 watts is by far their best christmas song.

    novembre 2010
  • Clayton09

    Loving this band, they've got a great blend of influences that conflate to make their own unique sound. They manage to stay accessible while still pushing the envelope somewhat.

    novembre 2010
  • goincase

    New song (Summer Solstice) from their upcoming album: http://goincase.com/room205/crystal-antlers/summer-solstice/

    novembre 2010
  • tartex

    The EP was pretty much perfect. There was no way that they could have topped that. I love rough sound. Give us more of that!

    octobre 2010
  • Sonofsamm

    There debut e.p maybe highly praised but is all over the place for me no control or set sound. Tentacles seeps full potential even with this new track little siser. much more polished but in a god way. i don't think there are any other bands (contempt) out there that channel this teen hood nostalgia that you feel when listening to ca.

    juillet 2010
  • onegumas

    Wow!!! Discovery of July!!!

    juillet 2010
  • rozali

    their debut album Tentacles is very ok. very fukkin much ok. da cover pic especially!

    juin 2010
  • Zazel_Campion

    great band!

    mai 2010
  • lee1993lee

    "This band is still criminally underrated though" bands can't win. they're either overrated or underrated.

    avril 2010
  • phoez

    Crystal Antlers iz da shiiiiiiiiiiiit!

    avril 2010
  • frogrunge

    If you guys are in Barcelona on 19th April don't miss the masters of Psych Stoner: EARTHLESS. Check them out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-lJMNEqQuQ&feature=player_embedded

    avril 2010
  • SantiStevie

    I LOVE Parting Song for the Torn Sky!!!

    avril 2010
  • Clayton09

    EP > LP but they're both good.

    mars 2010
  • Tenochch

    yeah the EP is so much better than tentacles and the band os so fucking amazing <3

    mars 2010
  • thezilla

    I think the A side of Tentacles is just as good as the EP. This band is still criminally underrated though.

    mars 2010
  • PoulpeJaune

    and they kick ass, can't wait for new recordings

    mars 2010
  • PoulpeJaune

    2 new tracks on the official site

    mars 2010