"Goodbye, Hello"

23 nov. 2010 | de

Written by Aaron M. Frison
Music by Gary McFarland 

Goodbye jagged road, hello new strangers
Its the magnetic pull & allure of the city lights,
lookin 2 find a way back 2 a place in the sun,
improvising the day, no plans no mistakes - jus 2 fly
& its like catchin lightnin’ in a bottle, 
spillin’ & slippin’ away like smoke.

But that old me is gone - I hope,
but it seems everywhere u go,
there u r,
peakin’ thru the mask.

After all, if we’re jus the composite of the places
we’ve been & all of the ppl we’ve seen…
thru many distant lands I’ve roamed,
the world is now my home,
but I’m still learning 2 be free,

Give me the room 2 lose, 2 build, 2 choose, 2 rebuild..

Goodbye, hello…

peaking thru the mask.

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