• My Recommended Radio

    5 juin 2006, 16h27m par rubyyot

    Playing my recommended radio and writing what I think of it.

    1) Thorn Tree Wind - This is a bit too ambient for my taste. Sounds like something I might hear in the corner of a New Age bookstore.

    2) Rebirth Part 1 - Not bad, though again it is a bit too ambient for me. I might like this later in the day, but it is a little early in the morning for something like this.

    3) If You - Sort of an enya meets pop kinda thing. Not Bad, but I'd have to hear more from Kin.

    4) Gravidade Zero - HDP - I generally don't listen to hip-hop, but this Brazilian artist is worth tagging. It has a nice "real" bassline and it's funky with a sample of Bob Marley's voice.

    5) Sandwicked Version - Not much that is redeeming about this track. The mixing is bad, the beat is dull and the music is not interesting. It just keeps playing, when will it stop? The artist page seems like something I might like, so maybe this is a bad track to judge them by?