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  • fuckyouty1

    fantastic vocalist

    décembre 2012
  • Yonn1979

    Seriously? Chris can do way better than Covered In The Flood

    juillet 2012
  • irthesteve

    no reason for this not to be Dashboard, BOO CHRIS

    novembre 2011
  • swissarmy


    novembre 2011
  • Alejnu

    Download his EP for free here

    novembre 2011
  • condashfession

    chris carrabba is inspiring.

    septembre 2010
  • boizoo

    why does everyone always compare one artist to another? its great when its for good, but if its just criticism ... you can save your words; and in my opinion carraba is great, i dont care if according to you or whoever reads this im wrong... if i am,its great to be wrong and as long as everyone likes their "bad" or "good" music why should you haters care? and why do you lovers shoud care? just enjoy :)

    décembre 2009
  • endericious

    i literally do not know what i would do with my life if chris carrabba stopped writing

    janvier 2009
  • valdesagirl

    I love the sound, the lyrics & the rythm of dc but then I investigate more about dc & i found the band further seems forver! I don't like the music of FSF.. but I still hear! He's voice is awesome! there's no other word transalate that in Spanish: TRAUMANTEMENTE PRECIOSAAA!

    octobre 2008
  • hibernative

    his squealing voice can be a bit har to listen to sometimes, but his lyrics and great open chord compositions saves him over and over.

    août 2008
  • feckhuggare

    Carrabba is a good song writer, I agree. But your comment on Brand New xReach shows your intelligence and ability to interpret lyrics and think for yourself.

    octobre 2007
  • hAkonf

    I really love his voice :o)

    septembre 2007
  • FierceDiva


    mai 2007
  • xReach

    brand new just strings together random words and slaps a generic melody behind it. carrabba has consistently good lyrics (actually about shit) and hes a good song writer imo.

    mars 2007
  • JamesEvans

    As much as I hate to agree with anyone who loves Death Metal, 'Crobat' has a point. Carrabba's over rated to the extreme. His music is alright, the lyrics are mostly boring. Go listen to Brand New and find some good music.

    janvier 2007
  • Crobat

    gayest guy ever

    novembre 2006