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  • sylviabrod

    I support artists with free downloads!

    juin 2011
  • Divniy_R


    mai 2010
  • canoplygames

    For those who doesnt agree changes on For musicians who search other services of distribution of music. For listeners who like to make our charts. We offer all who else uses as a free platform, migration to free musical services. To musicians - remove music, to listeners - remove accounts. Just say YES to freedom!

    avril 2010
  • Poops_McGee


    mars 2010
  • scorcheddog

    Wow, dig the music....great stuff...!

    avril 2009
  • ehafh

    very cool sounds! wonderful mix of mellow and slightly chaotic

    février 2009
  • banned_me

    New Year 1937 =)

    janvier 2009
  • pterodata

    welcome to experimental

    octobre 2008
  • brnr

    The Ambient is above average. Great work and Thanx for the rec.

    mai 2008
  • Psyhonauth

    слишком фрути, незачот

    mars 2008
  • frodifreak

    I really like your ambient stuff. Very dark and depressed touch. Thx for recommendation. Why everything in Kirillian. :(

    février 2008
  • m4rt1ni

    in some parts it reminded me of the soundtrack Trent Reznor did for Quake

    février 2008
  • frag242

    To be honest I'm not very impressed. You still have much work to do on the sound and the conception. Go on and good luck! :)

    février 2008
  • the_real_maniac

    @Sly_pl NO U

    février 2008
  • lasterpl

    really good

    février 2008
  • Vampyric

    Yeah, i agree with Alexicom, this material doesn't really appeal to me. To be quite honest i find it tedious and rather dull, but hey, thats just me ;) Good luck for the future.

    février 2008
  • sheepmonkey

    I really like this. good for when I am playing my video games! KODOS!

    février 2008

    Thanx for the recommendation, but it doesn't really grab me. Hope you have succes with it. Good luck

    janvier 2008
  • KampfKeks

    hm. rly not mine Oo

    janvier 2008
  • redchiew

    Here is the endorsement: Yes I have already check Canoply Games out. Some nice stuff. Thank you there (Mr banned_me).

    janvier 2008
  • neimad_senga

    Товарищи музыканты, пожалуйста, изгоните из вашей музыки дух Кубэйза и Фрути, ну и всяких вээстэ-демонов! Уж слишком явно :)

    janvier 2008
  • Mannaz230

    Not bad, but not great

    janvier 2008
  • whiteCeilings

    неплохо. очень атмосферно, а это всегда плюс в музыке подобного стиля.

    janvier 2008
  • Akordas

    Strange but good

    janvier 2008
  • canoplygames

    Excuse for misunderstanding. We very well concern to criticism and it is necessary for us. We full dung. Thanks for your opinion.

    janvier 2008
  • unaesthetic

    nice to see my opinion was deleted. if you can't handle criticism, don't put your music in the public domain and then invite people to listen to it.

    janvier 2008
  • banned_me

    In the project participates three persons, it is exact. And still now in our city !!! -40 С so we freeze and we drink mulled wine. :)

    janvier 2008
  • mikeinvegas2003

    interesting... Any more information on project members?

    janvier 2008
  • kaosstern

    thanks for the music!!!!!!!!

    janvier 2008
  • kyknos


    janvier 2008
  • ckbo3hrk

    фигня якась =(

    janvier 2008
  • garyfortune

    like early Hawkwind or Floyd

    janvier 2008
  • Onoshin

    oh and it has two be looped for at least one minute. NO LESS.

    janvier 2008
  • Onoshin

    Hey this automated synth sounds cool. let's put it in a song that sounds almost exactly alike the other four songs we made.

    janvier 2008
  • MissUndead

    something like that

    décembre 2007
  • ninjavalerie

    reminds me of boards of canada kinda

    novembre 2007
  • pinky__

    бива,леко чил аут ми мяза по скоро :) see how the language neighbours understand that O_o :D

    novembre 2007
  • helcan

    nice music

    novembre 2007
  • Bl_cK

    хз какоето

    novembre 2007
  • bahor


    novembre 2007
  • aka179

    Усыпляет. А так - неплохо. До Coil'а конечно далеко, но слушать можно.

    octobre 2007
  • gentleolas

    A bit prog-rocky... but darker.

    octobre 2007
  • Sperens

    I actually enjoyed this group.

    octobre 2007
  • skoobeedoo

    Utter crap

    octobre 2007
  • Klim23

    Прикольно! Спасибо!

    octobre 2007
  • Rohharim

    В композиции Шум... играет ПЯТЬ басов. Таки пироги :)

    octobre 2007
  • rebel_in_soul

    басов дуже много Х__х

    octobre 2007
  • master_nt

    что за стиль то?))))почему то у меня не качается отсюда

    octobre 2007
  • Ereleno

    Довольно мило. Про унылое говно - жанр такой. :))

    octobre 2007
  • gruimed

    Унылое говно

    octobre 2007