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  • Nemesea - The Quiet Resistance (shhh!)

    6 sept. 2012, 1h02m par shodan21

    So, for reasons that are unknown to me, I'm going to review Nemesea's album The Quiet Resistance. If you only know them from their album Mana, well, this album will be a shock to you. In Control was the bridge between these two albums, as Mana was more an underproduced gothic metal album and The Quiet Resistance is much more... electronic, with In Control being somewhere in between (though leaning more towards electronic). Also, you're probably used to Manda (the vocalist) looking like this:


    Not so, anymore!


    This is a lesson in the difference that a change in makeup, hair style/color, and clothes can make.

    ANYWAYS, on to more important things.

    The format of this review is pretty much going to be totally stolen from jerkjones because my creative abilities are roughly this:


  • Live Shows 2012

    15 jan. 2012, 22h50m par factslost

    Not as depressing as previous years, but still pretty low. Pathetically low. Except, you know, July.

    13: Pillowhead, The Lost Sons, BulletProof Messenger, Sinclarity, Everclear

    17: Sirsy
    19: Captain Squeeze & The Zydeco Moshers, Buckwheat Zydeco
    20: Lit, Marcy Playground, Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray, Everclear
  • Wild Pork's Best of 2009

    2 jan. 2012, 12h16m par WildPork

    Best of 2009 List

    Compared to previous years, I listened to much more music and tried to give more sub genres a chance to impress. I've increased the amount of albums on the list to 125 and tried to give a small review to each which took an insane amount of time to write. Also, I've changed the order so the best is at the top, so people don't have to scroll for ages to see the best albums. It was a huge challenge to try and put these in order but I gave it my best shot. So here is a list of my top 125 greatest albums from the year 2009 in approximate order of greatness:

    1.Devin Townsend Project - ADDICTED!
    Devin Townsend usually makes some kind of industrial metal, and I've never really been a fan of his. I checked out this album anyway not expecting much and it really blew me away. It is still industrial metal sounding, but its as though Devin has taken the best of industrial metal and pop…
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  • Review - BulletProof Messenger "Arm Yourself" (2009)

    1 mars 2009, 9h36m par DoomSong8

    From my blog at Rawkfist Music

    Written by Andrew Hart

    There are a lot of bands that have a bit of electronic fun with their music, and then there's BulletProof Messenger. Electronic vibes and beats are the calling card of this six man unsigned enigma, and if you don't believe me, one of those six is just there to play with the beeping noises. Unsigned is however, the last word you'd think to describe this band who's crisp production and masterful hooks would compete with some of the best in the business, and now BulletProof Messenger attempts to get signed once more with their sophomore album, Arm Yourself.

    Not convinced when I mentioned those hooks? Good luck escaping the insanity of "This Fantasy." This opening track is enough to get jaws dropping right away and demonstrate the absolute flawless integration of turntable madness into the modern rock scene. I have no idea just how BulletProof Messenger adds the electronic sounds to their hard rock jamming, but they do a damn good job of it. …
  • New York Band To Play ArenaFest 2009

    19 fév. 2009, 21h02m par musicdish

    SellaBand (www.sellaband.com), the online music company where bands crowdfund investment, today announces New York based rock band BulletProof Messenger as the first wildcard band to perform at ArenaFest 2009. ArenaFest comprises 91 interactive concerts during the summer of 2009 that include: live music, sports, gaming, dating and competitions. During each live concert, two up-and-coming SellaBand bands will support a major headline act.

    BulletProof Messenger was the 12th band to crowdsource investment on SellaBand and released its SellaBand album 'Arm Yourself' in January 2009, featuring 11 original compositions. Previously, BulletProof Messenger performed with Incubus and Collective Soul for their earlier release 'The Crucial Line' and was selected by XM Satellite Radio as one to the top unsigned acts in the USA. They have also established themselves as an exciting live act since winning a Clear Channel radio sponsored battle of the bands.

  • Best albums I've ever heard.

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  • So, I've been slacking...

    12 déc. 2006, 22h50m par ohsnap____

    Yea, I know, I've been really slacking on my reviews. But if you knew how busy I was this semester with school, work, career, etc... you'd understand. It's actually finals week for me this week and it's going horribly so far, and I wanted to take my mind off of studying. With tests comes procrastination, and here’s my version of procrastination...

    Intwine - Pyrrhic Victory
    I got this CD way back in early October and it was just hypnotizing. They just seemed so original to me. I can’t even really compare them to anyone. I would say they sound a little like a less experimental Tool, but even that is a horribly crude comparison. If you ever have a chance to get a hold of their CD, do it, because a band like this only comes along once in a while.
    Fav Songs: “Cut Me Loose”, “Feel It”, & “For Goodness Sake”
    Overall: 8.5 out of 10

    Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist
    I debated on whether I should review this CD or not because I am not even the slightest Deftones fan in the past…