• ŽIVA MUZIKA [33] 2011/01/20

    3 fév. 2011, 10h25m par RadioSC

  • 11 August 2005 : Entry 8

    11 août 2005, 15h26m par St_Zartan

    I get chills every time I listen to Unchanging Window; not literal chills - my body doesn't actually shake when I hear those quivering notes come fading in - but I am reminded so powerfully of the idea of cold that I can taste dry winter air in my mouth and feel it curling in my sinuses, beneath my eyes.

    It is, I think, a "cold" song. It sounds like light on ice. I was never a huge fan of the Superman movies - which is probably an odd admission, coming from a lifelong lover of comic books - but one of the few visuals that really stuck with me was the interior of the Fortress of Solitude. This song, perhaps with the vocals stripped out (which is not to say that the vocals weaken the song, not at all, but they are the only vestige of softness and warmth - which, considering Trish's vocal style on The Noise Made by People, is saying a lot), would make an excellent soundtrack for a short documentary on the Fortress, were it a real, empty place. …