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  • chaindinsanity

    "Actually it's chinese." then why are they from Osaka, Japan?

    mai 2014
  • MyLastWords65

    Very cool!

    mai 2014
  • Beojiko

    Rapping in Chinese sounds fucking awesome, I don't care what you say

    décembre 2013
  • Worm-Infested

    "Auooouououuoyyoiuououyii, fucking retards " lmao

    juin 2011
  • conqbl

    WHY WE STAY !!!! WHY WE STAY !!!! WHY WE STAY !!! ........... GREAT SONG !!!!

    juin 2011
  • sapioscarcass

    good music, but goofy sounding music....come to think of it, with all that screaming vocals sounds like any other language...kind cool

    mars 2011
  • superfreakygeek

    Interesting sound...but why am I finding this in the MELODIC DEATH METAL section? My balls, melodic death metal. But still. Interesting.

    février 2011
  • Kamilos-55

    real powerful!

    février 2011
  • ratman1105

    One of the best Tracks on the Album!!! I Like it!!

    novembre 2010
  • fantazyero


    septembre 2010
  • Muggadruck


    août 2010
  • anonimusketeer

    This song and N-type are my favorites. I always dug the vid for this song too

    février 2010
  • Yakuza__

    their best song

    novembre 2009
  • headbang32z

    Blood stained Child are the best!!! fucking love there stuf its so indervidual !!

    septembre 2009
  • Roksi_mdm

    not bad

    février 2009
  • Pichan

    Actually it's chinese. Rapping(and everything else) sounds great in japanese. Chinese doesn't sound like crap either, but it's hard to like since to most of us it just seems too weird and unclear. I kind of hate it when ignorant people say japanese sounds like gibberish and try to demonstrate it by badly "imitating" chinese. There's a clear difference like there is between french and swedish.

    juin 2008
  • cha0s_Angel

    Kohrin,'s no rapping, 's called metal

    avril 2008
  • Kobrin

    Rapping in Japanese sounds like crap. Well tried, but eh...no

    avril 2008
  • romajo

    Auooouououuoyyoiuououyii, fucking retards

    avril 2008
  • squidgehog

    gut gut gut

    février 2008
  • Scier

    Amazing song, absolutely amazing.

    juillet 2007
  • DeeFee

    My favorite song on the CD, no question.

    juin 2007
  • Ricken

    good song =)

    mars 2007