• One Year of Mixtapes (Just for YOU)

    29 avr. 2008, 4h22m par laura_mac

    So, I first would like to acknowledge pzantingh, also of the Monthly Mixtape community, from whom I brazenly stole this brilliant idea. The thing is, I make these mixtapes every month to send to one person. Occasionally, I'm proud enough of them to post them on the community board, but I still feel that they're being wasted to a certain extent. Also (to a lesser extent), I want the constructive criticism that inevitably comes from exposing your work to the much wider audience of musical sticklers that is Last.fm. Finally, a blog of this kind gives me the chance to make some of that cool cover art that everyone seems to like so much.

    A couple of caveats: I won't tell you which ones are which, but there are definitely some of these mixes I'm more proud of than others. Looking back, there are definitely some things I would have changed, but I've put them up in their original condition, warts and all. You will also notice that there is no mixtape for November of last year. …
  • Got No Sugar For The Babbling Baby Now

    13 fév. 2006, 8h14m par tomauto

    "Connections" the man murmured, "I need Connections". Seeing as we were at a fairly large mass transit center in San Diego, land of February sunshine, I started towards him to let him know that yes, indeed he could find a connection at this location. At the same time Mrs. tomauto, who happens to be a practicer of medicine in her off time gave a quick exam from afar declaring the man malnourished and dehydrated and somewhat mentally unstable. She was pondering the availability of free clincs in the area when our downtown-bound trolley pulled into the station. "Enough!" I yelled, "leave this man to his ramblings, we have a show to get to!" Indeed we did as Jeff Tweedy, one of our favorite artists was performing an accoustic solo concert and our time, if not my obvious alcohol intake, was running low.
    My friend Danforth, who is from Chicago and dabbles in fairly good musical taste, engaed me in debate recently on the topic of many things but most…