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  • davidbowiegirl

    Good song

    mai 2014
  • byoung

    one of the best things to happen to me in my life.

    décembre 2013
  • freetofu

    More cowbell!

    novembre 2013
  • fank19

    I only need to hear "I first saw you" to have my heart broken.

    septembre 2013
  • mattdelhey

    I think this is my favorite big star song. It's interesting that someone compared this to YHF/reservations. I'd never thought of that before but I totally see it.

    août 2013
  • CosmicGrrl

    too good

    août 2013
  • Shandemanium

    chest pains

    juillet 2013
  • zevers

    yankee. hotel. foxtrot.

    juin 2013
  • zevers

    this is the sound of a man falling apart

    mai 2013
  • killthepopular

    There's a masterpiece obscured under the mess of this album. A little too well obscured if you ask me.

    mai 2013
  • fank19

    Everytime I try to sing, I just want to sound like Alex Chilton does on this track. [2] This song is so The Velvet Underground.

    février 2013
  • KasparovDeepBlu

    update: February, 3 - still that feel

    février 2013
  • KasparovDeepBlu

    update: October, 27 - still that feel

    octobre 2012
  • KasparovDeepBlu

    update: October, 15 - still that feel

    octobre 2012
  • Lajon_

    omg this song

    octobre 2012
  • KasparovDeepBlu

    I'm exactly in this mood right now, and I've been since August,10

    septembre 2012
  • Nakkinak

    Everytime I try to sing, I just want to sound like Alex Chilton does on this track.

    août 2012
  • Track-FieldStar

    like st. joan

    juillet 2012
  • pewpewlasers

    best song ever

    mars 2012
  • GustavHagstrom

    this one hurts. it's like listening to a slow collapse. r.i.p. alex, you were one of the greats.

    janvier 2012
  • Nakkinak

    dat cowbell

    décembre 2011
  • SSave

    A massage for my brain. Mrrroow

    décembre 2011
  • Nakkinak

    Jeff Buckley's interpretation which is almost as good as the original

    octobre 2011
  • Nakkinak

    one of the most georgeous and enigmatic love songs

    mai 2011
  • edridge

    Weird mix of desperation and apathy. Truly great song.

    mai 2011
  • dwooooooooooooo

    instant love!

    août 2010
  • popguitar

    I wish there was an option higher than "love" on reserved only for songs of this caliber.

    août 2010
  • orbaddict

    Definitely my favorite Big Star song. feels so passionately opposite, with his sweet voice & lyrical delivery on top of a frustration-filled composition. Beautiful.

    juin 2010
  • trashcity_

    velvet underground

    mai 2010
  • memoeclectico

    todo lo 4ad es bueno

    avril 2010

    goodbye alex , thanks for this beautiful song

    mars 2010
  • StDionysus

    oh I want you

    mars 2010
  • jrkerr

    woo! hell yeah!

    mars 2010
  • zinc69

    just beautiful...

    février 2010
  • jackcatfish

    still get the chilllllls

    janvier 2010
  • nthisreal

    ทำฉันลอย... ทำฉันหลง...

    janvier 2010
  • kugayama

    more cowbell!

    novembre 2009

    Backfeed Magnetbabe!

    octobre 2009
  • General_Tso

    The cowbell owns.

    septembre 2009
  • shivardes

    Like St. Joan, doing a cool jerk/ I want you/ Like a kangaroo-ooooooooo. Fucking brilliant.

    juin 2009
  • chamaleonicann

    nice...and This Mortal Coil did a wonderful cover...

    juin 2009
  • Spumco

    Are kangaroos known for their horniness and / or dry humping? Just curious.

    mai 2009
  • squiggins

    in which Chilton picks up a girl at a party by dry humping her

    avril 2009
  • squiggins

    get over the cowbell Turtle, it's a great song

    avril 2009
  • MessyMess

    This song reminds me of Red House Painters a lot ! Or, RHPs remind me a lot of this song. ;-)

    février 2009
  • rbivens

    There aren't enough words. Simply brilliant.

    février 2009
  • Just-x-Sarah

    love this song

    janvier 2009
  • TurtleSpartan

    random ass cowbell ftl

    janvier 2009
  • Rayanata

    I only knew the (obviously) covered version by "This Mortal Coil" ....interesting *g*

    décembre 2008
  • refs_unpersons

    There are no similar artists. This is Big Star, damnit!!

    septembre 2008