• Ian Brown 23/02/07

    26 fév. 2007, 15h36m par flat_one

    Fri 23 Feb – Ian Brown, Bez, Richard Fearless

    Я очень рад был, когда узнал, что к нам везут такого крутого мужика, как Ian Brown на самом деле. В этом плане в последнее время ситуация становится всё лучше, вон уже и один из Галлахеров на подходе, так что живём!

    В целом, замечаю тенденцию, что все самые интересные для меня мероприятия проходят исключительно в ИКРЕ и, теперь, в Б1. Прямо скажем, с открытием последнего, интересных концертов в Москве стало на порядок больше. Так что я наконец-то побывал там. Организация, большой танцпол, гардероб и прочие удобства дополнили хорошее впечатление о клубе, так что органайзерам и промоутерам Б1 - уважение!

    По прибытию, что-то около 20:20, народу было уже прилично (позже его стало и вовсе много), а со сцены во всю качал даб. Поскольку, среди выступающих был назван Richard Fearless из Death in Vegas (а мне эта группа на самом деле весьма симпатична была всю жизнь), я приготовился в дополнение к основному событию…
  • In praise of...Fat Freddy's Drop

    17 jui. 2006, 21h20m par djprince

    So for my first journal, I figured I'd sing the praises of my favorite band in the world right now, who I had the privilege of seeing live for the first time a few weeks ago at the Sonar festival in Barcelona.

    Fat Freddy's Drop are one of the best bands out there right now, period. I've been following them since my wife found a song of theirs that we loved on a Gilles Peterson mix CD, and then was able to pick up a bunch of their stuff in Tokyo, Japan last year, where I was hosted by two huge fans. Been listening non-stop ever since, and the album Based on a True Story was at the top of my top ten last year. It's not revolutionary, but really interesting, accessible grooves played by some incredibly talented musicians. Its beach music, summer music, lover's music - and its universal, and they fit into the whole electronic world too because there's no drummer or bass player, but instead DJ/MPC/beatmaker DJ Fitchie and a keyboard player who plays left hand bass. …
  • Glade Festival - Wasing Estate, Aldermaston

    6 oct. 2005, 15h32m par turkeyphant

  • Domino Bones are teh suck

    19 août 2005, 0h06m par SEoD

    A couple of weeks ago I had the misfortune of seeing Bez's band Domino Bones at the D:Percussion festival in Manchester. Considering they were headlining the event it was embarrassingly poor. His girlfriend could sing, OK, but Bez was just rolling round the stage spouting shite.

    The first track was something about rattling my head. I'm not sure if that was a gag about the number of pills he'd taken but it went on for some time. It was all downhill from there with Bez yawping some shite about the freedom to do and say what you want over best efforts of the band to, y'know, make some music. Happy Mondays it wasn't.

    The rest of the acts were less full of it and turned out pretty good from what I saw.. David Holmes played a nice DJ set to a cheerful little crowd and went down well. I hadn't realised what a grizzly-adams-looking mofo he was so I didn't know it was him until near the end of it.

    There was some rock band made up of 15(ish) year old lads that sounded pretty Placebo-like to me. …