Canadian singer Jennifer Parkin has become a true icon on the electronic scene with her unique music writing style, her personality and her Lolita meets Glam-punk image. In 2003, she began her project Ayria and shook the foundation of the industrial-electro scene by mixing straight old-school industrial with harsh electro while giving a nod to electro-clash and 80’s new wave. Ayria has released two full length CD’s on Belgium label Alfa Matrix (FRONT 242, LEATHERSTRIP, etc.), with the highly anticipated release “Hearts For Bullets” to be released in early fall 2008.

Ayria has been intensively and successfully touring across the globe over the past 2 years non-stop gaining a very solid reputation for putting on engaging and energetic live performances and because of this, has had the chance to play some very exotic gigs in the past few years including touring the U.S.A.(40 dates) in 2007 as the opening act for The Cruxshadows and supporting Combichrist on the first leg of their summer tour, as well as touring Europe, Russia, Mexico and even Japan.

In anticipation to the release of her 3rd full length album “Hearts For Bullets” in September 2008, Canadian artist Jennifer Parkin returns, guns blazing with the release of the 10-track EP for the single “The Gun Song”. This is a special release offered to the crowds of fans who have been literally begging her for new material. Often referred to as the Queen of electro-industrial music, or yet the female icon of Canadian electro, AYRIA is in very good company on this new EPCD. Besides two brand new studio versions of her two unavoidable club hits « The Gun Song » and « Six Seconds », we also find behind the remixing commands, renown talents in the likes of Daniel B. of FRONT 242, Claus Larsen of LEAETHER STRIP, DAVID CARRETTA and STANDEG (ex-HAUJOBB). Add to this a solid army of ambassadors of the emerging new electronic / industrial generation lead by SPETSNAZ, ANGELSPIT, ESSENCE OF MIND and HEADSCAN and you get you are guaranteed intensity, power and diversity. Extravagant, provocative, bitchy and edgy, AYRIA hits straight and hard with her sonic approach hanging between minimal electro and forceful EBM. She hits her targets somewhere between NITZER EBB, M.I.A. and GOLDFRAPP.

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