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  • Damianek666XD


    le mois dernier
  • Tricksta_P

    My favourite Arcturus album!

    septembre 2014
  • noense

    Nostalgic. Oh man, I've always imagined ghosts flying around while listening to this.

    juillet 2014
  • ClassyMusicSnob

    You guys think there is something wrong with the production?You've got to be kidding me....

    février 2014
  • Limberneck

    Don't really see the problem with the production, it gives the album a sense of eeriness if anything. Typical modern production values would've probably made it downright ridiculous, like a non-bombastic Bal-Sagoth without space barbarians.

    février 2013
  • darkwitch_metal


    janvier 2013
  • LucasCSilveira

    @already-taken Avant-garde isn't supposed to be weird, it's supposed to be ahead of its time. For which reason they are very often full of experimental stuff, which is the "weird stuff". But it is not a condition.

    octobre 2012
  • Kukudus

    Outstanding album. I can't stop adoring this since long ago. Garm's voice is so beautiful!

    avril 2012
  • intru_negru

    probably the best metal album ever written

    mars 2012
  • Melinda_M

    all tracks from this album are great and BEST !

    février 2012
  • lordcthulhu

    Fucking amazing album, but not a big fan of the production at all. The drum sound is odd to say the least, and the guitar tone is horrible!

    février 2012
  • Tankard1991

    best one

    février 2012
  • MikeDoyle

    One of my all time top 10 metal albums, love it. Wish the production values were a little more clear, but thats the only issue with this outstanding piece of music

    octobre 2011
  • Bloodland

    all time favourite

    septembre 2011
  • Torcidalol

    These guys were really something else. Incredible album.

    juillet 2011
  • already-taken

    Someone explain what's so avant-garde about this? Usually avant-garde is stuff that makes me go wtf but this doesn't. Creative and unique that's for sure, but lacks that weirdness.

    juillet 2011
  • samii

    A Masterpiece... [3]

    avril 2011
  • Anastaxia_Xylf

    all time favourite!

    avril 2011
  • vasiab

    A Masterpiece..Every track is an experience. [2]

    avril 2011
  • UndeadLetters

    Perfect album.

    janvier 2011
  • BlackProject

    Such a good album...my favourite, I think.

    janvier 2011
  • maj3sty

    an unbelievable album, from the very beginning to the end... one of the best albums i know

    janvier 2011
  • Clair-Obscure

    A Pure Jewel.

    décembre 2010
  • maguza

    i came once from college classes, sat down on a chair, started eating sandwich and drinking beer while listening to this masterpiece. feels so good

    décembre 2010
  • neocaos420

    i with scene_six it is in fact a true masterwork hail arcturus \,,/

    septembre 2010
  • Scene_six

    A Masterpiece..Every track is an experience.

    juin 2010
  • arglactable

    Awesome album.

    avril 2010
  • mariacool

    this is their opus magnum of course. immense playful, theatrical!

    février 2010
  • Shagrahmed

    Your Review on Metal Waves by Wolf From The Fog http://www.metal-waves.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=891:chronique-arcturus-sideshow-symphonies&catid=47:a&Itemid=26 Greetings Shagrahmed Metal Waves' Moderator

    février 2010
  • suchthefool1

    So Bloody Good

    février 2010
  • adam-454

    One of my favourite metal albums ever.

    décembre 2009
  • TheBloodbeast


    décembre 2009
  • mutiilator

    @little_raven: Fucking lolocaust!

    octobre 2009
  • Emtay13

    This is actually my personal favorite.

    octobre 2009
  • martincarny

    no so good as masquerade is but still amazing

    septembre 2009
  • little_raven

    You don't listen to black metal, don't you? OH WAIT, avril lavigne, that explains it all

    septembre 2009
  • Timppa2000

    muddy? how so?

    septembre 2009
  • Cortlendt

    How do you rate the production on this album? For me it's muddy.

    août 2009
  • poli8

    Their best album [2]

    août 2009
  • Maz1982

    Great album. Every single track is a killer.

    août 2009
  • MetalPyro876

    Is Vortex really not on this album? it sounds just like him! Either way, great vocals, great album

    août 2009
  • Rikardur

    I just love the chaotic, yet beautiful sound of this album. Magnificent.

    juillet 2009
  • mutiilator

    If there is such thing as a "perfect" album, this is definitely one of them.

    juillet 2009
  • BlackProject

    This album is so fucking good.

    juillet 2009
  • Shafter92

    One of the best albums ever made.

    juillet 2009
  • supergela

    Pazzesco :D

    juin 2009
  • adam-454

    Holy awesomesauce. This is a cool album.

    mai 2009
  • LeVay_

    my all-time favourite. fucking perfection

    mai 2009
  • Sakum

    As close to perfect as anyone is likely ever to get. I LOVE these guys...

    mai 2009
  • ax-ax

    I only have La masquerade infernale on cd, while the rest is fucking impossible to find in stores. So awesome band, only great albums!

    avril 2009