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1 jan. 2006
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8 titres
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    Titre     Durée Auditeurs
1 To The Death 2:40 45 051
2 You Don't Walk Away From Dismemberment 4:57 28 264
3 Minesweeper 3:32 32 597
4 They'll Be Hanging Us Tonight 3:30 30 956
5 This Confession Means Nothing 3:28 29 575
6 In The Desert 4:04 33 331
7 A Portrait For The Deceased 4:22 28 813
8 The Darkest Tomb 3:41 30 930

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  • Asphyz

    It got removed from Spotify?

    2 fév. 17h43m Répondre
  • serilflamingo

    I forgot their first album was actually really good

    17 août 2014 Répondre
  • ipwnnoobsah

    "In The Desert" is Godlike.

    6 fév. 2013 Répondre
  • fraggleblabla

    It's good yeah. But a bit the samey throughout most of the tracks (And Matts' screams are boring compared to Sams', imo). And what's wrong with people starting with newer albums? I'm sure when they really like the band they'll check out everything and maybe they even like this.

    7 déc. 2012 Répondre
  • silentbodom91

    I feel bad for the people who have heard the newest albums and not this one. This shit gets pretty fucking technical at times. Very good album

    12 août 2012 Répondre
  • StrangePooP

    This sounds so much heavier than their newer stuff....

    24 juin 2012 Répondre
  • JakIsDead

    Definitely their best work. It's a shame they'll never do anything like this again. Apparently they regularly talk shit about this album which is upsetting.

    24 mai 2012 Répondre
  • aalexmoran

    breakdowns & bridges so fucking perfect

    2 mai 2012 Répondre
  • JellyBean1994

    This is a fantastic album. It's just a shame that none of it really gets recognised by the band these days.

    3 mars 2012 Répondre
  • rg_gapa

    It could be awesome technical metalcore band. Love this album

    11 nov. 2011 Répondre
  • TastyBrendenQ

    I love all of their albums, so far (the worst of which being THAN, however). I'd have to say that This Confession Means Nothing would probably have to be my favorite from this album. It's right up there with Buried At Sea and Hollow Crown (song), in my book :P

    7 oct. 2011 Répondre
  • CloudGer

    the darkest tomb is my fav track by them, the ending gets me every time

    5 août 2011 Répondre
  • drewbierre

    wow, their new shit really sucks.

    13 jui. 2011 Répondre
  • Eegobrainn

    fucking awesome album,the best of them!

    28 juin 2011 Répondre
  • TheseTearsICry

    First time listening to them.

    26 mai 2011 Répondre
  • samsunnyuk

    Would anyone like to hear Architects original vocalist Matt's vocals/lyrics on a one-off track with project Flood The Sun? Head here and put a "Like" on the related post!

    1 mars 2011 Répondre
  • LizaEny

    Their best album, no doubt about it. [6]

    12 fév. 2011 Répondre
  • Face_Eator

    you don't walk away from dismemberment best for me from this album, i love the last 40 secs wicked guitars.

    4 fév. 2011 Répondre
  • rg_gapa

    I has been slain... ♥

    10 jan. 2011 Répondre
  • ISyed

    Bro, you answered your own question with the last seven words of that post. I think. Depends on what clunge translates to in American x)

    27 oct. 2010 Répondre
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