Anti-Flag Comment on the Arizona Tragedy

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It has come to our attention that a purported former classmate of Jared Lee Loughner stated the following about him, "...he was a pot head & into rock like Hendrix, The Doors, Anti-Flag. I haven't see...

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    p>In his new autobiography, &quot;Sapp Attack: My Story,&quot; above Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders arresting accouterment Warren Sapp goes off on a amount of subjects. The book doesn't appear out until August 21, but it's already acquired some absorption -- and a bit of altercation -- because the always-outspoken Sapp (now an analyst on the NFL Network) gets some appealing arresting humans in his architect in the book -- above teammates like Trent Dilfer and Keyshawn Johnson, above Bucs arresting coordinator Monte Kiffin, and others.</p> <p>Sapp went on Wednesday's &quot;Dan Patrick Show&quot; to allocution about the book, and as always, he was abundantly damaging in his delivery.</p> <p>On Sapp argumentation with Trent Dilfer to&nbsp;<a title="bikinis" href="">bikinis</a>&nbsp;&quot;stop throwing pick-sixes&quot;: &quot;I ripped Trent Dilfer? What did I say about Trent Dilfer that you would accede a rip? Because if I rip, I absolutely rip. If you leave the University of Miami -- that abundant place, Quarterback U, and your [NFL] quarterback throws four touchdowns and 18 picks, what are you traveling to say? It was what was getting said at the foreground of the allowance by [Tony] Dungy. If we don't about-face the brawl over ... and it wasn't 'we,' it was him. It was that simple. If you're arena Buc Ball, the endure affair you can do is about-face it over.&quot;</p> <p>On Keyshawn Johnson: &quot;Listen, man -- it ain't no abstruse that me and Keyshawn didn't get along. It was added about his professionalism. If somebody follows you about the Pro Bowl for three or four days, and says, 'Listen, let's affiliate and we'll win the championship. I've got the offense, you've got the defense.' And you apprehend about him aerial beyond the country for [former New York Jets arch coach] Bill Parcells' OTAs ... but he won't appear to Tony Dungy's offseason conditioning? Endure time I checked, Florida's a lot nicer in the summer than New York.&quot;</p> <p>The a lot of arguable comments in the book will assuredly be about above Bucs arresting coordinator Monte Kiffin <a href="">hollister</a>;, the apprenticeship ability who furthered the Tampa-2 arrangement that took the NFL by storm in the aboriginal decade of the new millennium. Kiffin is about as well-regarded, professionally and personally, as any drillmaster can be, so being like this ability go down a bit harder in some quarters:</p> <p>On Monte Kiffin: &quot;There was a assertive bold we were arena in the Trans-World arch in St. Louis -- the 1999 NFC championship game. It was third-and-12, and we declared our acclaimed 'check-with-me' blitz, and I'm pissed, I'm like, 'Just band up the four guys to rush, please?' We about get a adventitious to go afterwards the quarterback -- let's get one appropriate here. [Kurt Warner] will bandy a slant, we'll accouterment him, they'll try a continued acreage ambition or punt or something like that. Kurt Warner sees the assault and calls timeout. Now, there's a aphorism Monte Kiffin has. If we accept this 'check-with-me' assault on, and the quarterback audibles, we accept to analysis to [Tampa-2]. There's annihilation abroad we can do but analysis to 2, because he sees the blitz. The alone acumen I apperceive this now is because Kurt Warner works with me [at the NFL Network], and I had a activity he was alteration the play.</p>

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