Ania, called also with her birthname: Ania Dąbrowska, is a Polish singer and composer, born January 7, 1981 in Chełm, Poland performing music that’s a connection of pop and soul. Her inspiration is often retro music, especially Polish music of the 1960’s.

She started her musical education as a teenager. Being in high school she also attended music school where she learned to play contrabass. She often took part in numerous vocal competitions. She first appeared publicly in 2002, as a participant of a first season of Polish edition of a TV program Pop Idol, in Poland called Idol. She managed to reach the final top 10. However, she dropped out, eventually as eighth. In the same year she collaborated with polish singer Krzysztof Krawczyk on his hit album …bo marzę i śnię.

In February 2004, she released her debut album, Samotność po zmierzchu (eng. Solitude After Dusk). The record turned out to be a huge success and sold very well. The album was promoted by singles: « Tego chciałam » (eng. That’s What I Wanted), « Charlie, Charlie » (cover of the song by A Camp) and « Inna » (eng. Different) - a song about an alienated girl. The same year she took part in National Festival of Polish Song in Opole with a song « Glory ». She became then one of the most popular Polish singers, what was proved by many awards she won, including the Eska Music Award. In the fall of 2004 her first album went Gold[2].

After successful debut she came back in 2006 with her second album Kilka historii na ten sam temat (eng. A Few Stories on the Same Subject). The songs referred to Polish popular music from the turn of 60’s and 70’s. Ania presented her retro-inspired image on the cover of the record as well as in the music video of the single « Trudno mi się przyznać » (eng. It’s Hard to Admit). The album gained even greater success than the top-selling debut record and was praised both by the critics and publicity. It was promoted by three singles, including very successful second single « Czekam… » (eng. I’m Waiting…). In the end the album became a Platinum Record[3].

Her third album, W spodniach czy w sukience? (eng. In Trousers or in Dress?), was released in June 2008. The first single was « Nigdy więcej nie tańcz ze mną » (eng. Never Dance with Me Again) which became a big hit in Poland. The album was a number one record and very soon went Platinum[3]. In the summer of 2008 the title song was released as the next single.

In 2009 Ania collaborated with French band Nouvelle Vague and recorded a cover of Robert Palmer’s song « Johnny and Mary » for their album 3[4]. The song was a radio single in Poland. In the fall her next solo single was released, « Nigdy nie mów nigdy » (eng. Never Say Never), from the movie of the same name. Currently she’s working on her fourth studio album.

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