• Review of the Year (more of a summary, really..)

    31 déc. 2010, 19h47m par TomicTonic

    Hello. Welcome to Tom's review of the year. Was going to do all sorts of long-descriptions of why I enjoyed each nominee so much, add images and the like...I'll aim to do that later, but as the New Year is so close I thought I'd so a quick summary.

    Album of the Year:


    Michael Jackson - Michael
    Plan B - The Defamation of Strickland Banks
    Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown

    Winner: The Defamation of Strickland Banks

    It's slick-Motown inspired sound, the brilliant story-telling of rapper-come-soul-singer Ben Drew (know as Plan B, as rap name was chosen as Plan B because rap was his 'plan b', after he thought he couldn't make it as a soul singer). The album is a well-thought out concept album, which truly captures the lowest-point that the human race can reach during numerous points of the tale.

    He is pretty much my artist of the year, for his well-thought out album, and also his integrity and belief in his own decisions; telling fans of his previous mixture of rap