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  • den_mitchell

    The Berlin Wall's Music

    novembre 2012
  • Gribnoj_Jam

    On our Official WebSite you can also listen to our new Album Madness Heals

    novembre 2012
  • Gribnoj_Jam

    Alarm Pressure - Con - DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

    juin 2012
  • kflorence

    Musically it needs polishing, but there is something there. I can't get into the vocalist at all, though.

    mai 2011
  • illllllllllli

    I was provling iLike in search for psychedelic rock and you popped up. I completely forgot about Alarm Pressure.

    septembre 2010
  • AdeltrautMeier

    too less free downloads for free artists group.

    mai 2010
  • Saberov

    Alarm Pressure- the best!!!!

    avril 2010
  • tigra-uki

    ребята, Good!

    novembre 2009
  • Robondacob

    Maybe I should pirate this because you are spamming me with it...

    juillet 2009
  • raumfisch

    Little friendly snail rocks. Not so sure about the rest ... definitely strange tho :)

    mai 2009
  • Peruecke

    Weird shit. La Valse (and some others) could be used as background music for some oldschool Lucas Arts adventure. Tanks for the rec..

    mai 2009
  • dead_frog

    SoundthraKc is perfect!

    février 2009
  • OleWeber

    Nice Vid

    janvier 2009
  • manishma

    I like Alarm Pressure!! ;)))))

    octobre 2008
  • AkvarT

    Beautiful and not ordinary music!

    octobre 2008
  • alexshanekrilov

    Welcome to my group of unknown bands and singers!

    septembre 2008
  • OleWeber

    You're just awsome.

    septembre 2008
  • Gribnoj_Jam

    Thank you Everybody!!!

    septembre 2008
  • OleWeber

    I've been asked to comment on this music, so I listened to all of them and well... I prefer southraKC and track 17. It sounds like you just have started and do a lot of exerimenting. It takes time to get into your music but when you're into it, it's pretty good.

    septembre 2008
  • Gribnoj_Jam

    Thank You, Fenozipam, are you with guitar on this picture, ... it doesn't matter, just didn't know what to answer on your comment, so thank you for alarming... fungus jam

    août 2008
  • fenozipam

    Ooooh, great work, guys!!! Such music confuse me with tagging, but I like it! Though some parts are really strange =) Keep experimenting!!! yeah, and track #17 is adorable!!! [fall in love]

    juillet 2008