• My Top 25 Artist Scrobbles of 2010

    1 jan. 2011, 3h08m par WarrenM2008

    25. Ahmir
    44 Scrobbles

    We figured out how many hit songs that sound good, but had mediocre singers, could be made better to our preference: find a cover on YouTube from someone unsigned. My favorite discovery on YouTube was an R&B group named Ahmir from Boston, Massachusetts. Though half their songs are classified as pop on digital retailers, they summed up the state of R&B this year. With Autotune being the only way to make a hit for many contemporary R&B artists that love being on top 40 radios, the rest had an ultimatum: ride the wave or stay behind where the odds aren't as big, but you will be more respected. Among those that stayed were R. Kelly, Cee-Lo Green, Jazmine Sullivan, John Legend, El DeBarge, and Ne-Yo. Together with Ahmir, they showed the true colors of R&B and its roots. Ahmir was only a YouTube favorite, but they proved that theory as the #1 R&B group on the website. They added the missing ingredients to many hit songs from recently…