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  • JamesHippieKid

    I don't flick neeedles like my sick friend. I don't march like Beetle Bailey through a quick trend. I don't frequent church's steeples on my weekend. And I don't comment if you formulate a weak Zen. .. Amazing, Aes is a lyrical wizard.

    décembre 2013
  • jambroseyeah

    Aesop Rock's "12 Steps To Shut The Fuck Up" Seminar!

    juillet 2013
  • snaykeplysk

    Gotta love The AceRok "Daylight EP" Expansion Pack

    juin 2012
  • greglypoop123

    wow this is really super

    avril 2012
  • TazFrags

    spitting like a dragon with a similar demeanour .

    août 2011
  • ryanxalves

    Slapper. That you, Busta?

    août 2011
  • Jurmainson


    avril 2011
  • bigkajamma

    I don't flick needles like my sick friends. xD

    décembre 2010
  • Shleigh

    a thousand reasons to end this for every one of your 'saviors'

    juillet 2010
  • klapwokkel

    en me dit en me dat

    juin 2010
  • boredstiff-

    I wish the part at 2:43 was longer, it's so awesome.

    mars 2010
  • tobacconist

    def jux they aint got nuthin to save rhymesayers they aint got nuthin to save...

    mars 2010
  • hunnybunny21

    that'll be $6.50 plus tip, DARLIN'!

    janvier 2010
  • aria_macabre

    I just read him pull the trigger.

    novembre 2009
  • little_raven

    You can feel Astor Piazzolla's influence here. Impressive

    septembre 2009
  • SonjaBlade608

    This whole album is amazing. Aesop is killin' it... Big Up's!

    août 2009
  • gcandela

    "Kill the populace for civility" along the same lines as "...but along his travels found the key to world peace: Kill every mother fucker but me" from Fast Car Danger Fire and Knives.....Quotables.

    août 2009
  • goodgreatgrand

    monstrous cut

    juillet 2009
  • TheyHateYou

    Holy fuck.

    juillet 2009
  • jdmpapi


    juillet 2009
  • diceymike

    he's saying 'rhyme sayers, they ain't got nothing to save. aesop rock, i ain't got nothing to save.' as in they have no need to save hip hop because nothing is broken. he's not dissing them. idiot.

    mai 2009
  • aria_macabre

    he says 'ain't got nothing to save' after all that name dropping.

    avril 2009
  • anticonhaiku

    I dont flick needles like my sick friend

    avril 2009
  • DeadDeserted

    2:43, wow wtf holy shit fucking ridiculous

    mars 2009
  • athinginflames

    fucking A this song is unbelievable, serenity's a crack whore

    mars 2009
  • Dazius

    awsome atmospheric music

    mars 2009
  • AlisterBouvart


    mars 2009
  • z-la

    "rhyme sayers they got nothing to say" - what's that all about? a bit of controversy? nothing to save dumbass.

    mars 2009
  • hiphops_Legacy

    hes so dope

    mars 2009
  • jfmoss14


    février 2009
  • hiphops_Legacy

    omfg.. krs one?! wow dope

    février 2009
  • E-Gitarrist

    pure perfection

    février 2009
  • Polyrina

    anyone who has ever tried talking about "keeping it real" or want to talk about "hip hop" needs to listen to this track.

    février 2009
  • monie_love


    janvier 2009
  • thebigbeatdown

    keep me posted as to when you grasp something mature to sit a sulk about Mister, and I'll consider picking up your record

    novembre 2008
  • marfawkah02

    spittin like a dragon with a similar demeanor.. oOoOOoWEEEEEEEEEE!

    octobre 2008
  • Mulatto

    i want to attend the stfu seminar.

    octobre 2008
  • mirrar

    my second favourite by him :D

    septembre 2008
  • ZeroWiseman


    août 2008
  • heart_of_butter

    Fucking genius!

    juillet 2008
  • Funkmachine

    this song fucking rocks

    mars 2008
  • Dragonfuck

    Oh hell yeah..

    janvier 2008