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  • HarleyDude-EJB

    Saw this concert long ago, Rock n Roll

    août 2014
  • DanStu1990

    \m/ \m/

    janvier 2014
  • Taiteki

    Ahh, I got the good shit. \m/ (>_<) \m/ To those who are getting some DJ version, the real thing is floating in the mix somewhere. It's a sort of Rock 'n' Roll Roulette. To the luck ones, We Salute You!

    novembre 2013
  • pyroloveridge

    Still getting the American DJ sports talk and this has been going on too long, please fix

    octobre 2013
  • Mynister

    Still getting the stupid DJ sports talk and this has been going on wayyyyyyyy too long,please fix [2]

    septembre 2013
  • MIKEH3875

    Still getting the stupid DJ sports talk and this has been going on wayyyyyyyy too long,please fix

    août 2013
  • pjb808

    Fucking awesome - Nuff said

    juillet 2013
  • Greg69Sheryl

    Hmm, we're getting a sports radio talk show discussing the NFL draft. The producer for this talk show used this AC/DC song as "bumper" music coming out of a commercial, and somehow the sound check from this segment was uploaded into the Last.fm library. How did that happen? Based on the comments, this issue has been around for more than a year. Please remove this file!

    juillet 2013
  • brettlayton

    Goddammit, there are multiple versions. Stupid DJ's are back.

    juillet 2013
  • gonetobeach

    What the hell is this?? I love this song, but what is the DJ sh**?

    juin 2013
  • creepingdeathv2

    We salute you AC/DC \m/

    juin 2013
  • squiggins

    Are you serious, Last FM? Why the fuck are you not able to take care of shit like this?

    juin 2013
  • Zucni

    >< skipping because of DJs. Why is this even on last.fm.

    mai 2013
  • bigben989

    Yea! The DJs are gone!

    avril 2013
  • licoricepizza

    No contest. Best track off "For Those About To Rock..." album.

    mars 2013
  • Kexet1


    mars 2013
  • bigben989

    Those douche bags are back! BOOO!

    mars 2013
  • erickg13

    I think its fixed. I listened to it about 20 minutes ago from my last.fm player on my phone and it wasn't that stupid sports show intro or whatever the heck that garbage was.

    février 2013
  • CaptainSpesh

    what is going on? seriously?

    février 2013
  • joyvive

    what the hell!!! Fix this!

    décembre 2012
  • gdcman


    novembre 2012

    why is this still not fixed?

    octobre 2012
  • ville333

    OH COM ON Why does last.fm have to ruin my favorite AC/DC song........

    octobre 2012
  • Ksimi

    And yes, 4:05 onwards

    octobre 2012
  • aphrxia


    juin 2012
  • Zoitz

    4:05 \m/

    mai 2012
  • bytor54

    How does a "song" like this... only the intro for "For Those About to Rock" followed by a sports discussion... actually get on and stay on last.fm??? This is inexcusable! If it was the actual song, it would kick ass! Fix your sh*t last.fm!!!!!

    mai 2012
  • atlastimadeit


    mai 2012
  • brettlayton

    Arrg stupid radio version. I need that DJ to shut up.

    avril 2012
  • Mr10Madness

    4:05 \m/

    avril 2012
  • MIKEH3875

    if i had to pick my fave song in their catalog which is pretty damn hard since they have so many great songs then i would have to most likely pick this tune right here because it pretty much sums up what they stand for and represent which is pretty much rocking your heart out.

    mars 2012
  • licoricepizza


    février 2012
  • FeXYSpartan

    Makes you confident

    février 2012
  • oldiesfanjohn

    this version just is fuckin` killer !

    janvier 2012
  • njbell2000

    Rock anthem. :)

    décembre 2011
  • Ksimi

    Yes we do

    août 2011
  • RedSteel92

    This and Shoot To Thrill are the 2 most energetic rock songs ever recorded. No questions.

    mai 2011
  • joaoleopires

    as you sad, a rock anthem....

    avril 2011
  • WiJoCo

    @Choppy_MD It's definitely not underrated. Aside being one of the top favorite AC/DC songs, I still hear it played over the loud speakers during setup for nearly every metal/rock concert I've been to, and on rock radio stations. It is one of the top rock anthems of all time! Obviously it gets plenty of 'rate'.

    mars 2011
  • Choppy_MD

    this is kinda underrated, it's like a rock anthem :)

    février 2011
  • camo1980

    Rich "Ace" Franklin

    novembre 2010
  • nopuppet

    this slays every party

    septembre 2010
  • joaoleopires

    um hino do Rock N' Roll...

    septembre 2010
  • ClassicRock290

    Great song from a great band. Who Made WHo was a great album, this was arguably the best song on it. FIRE!

    septembre 2010
  • spLiFF22

    oh dear god.... How the fuck could ignore AC/DC? this is....epic

    septembre 2010
  • MarekTobiasz

    The best forever

    août 2010
  • hubadala

    My favorite ACDC solo.

    juin 2010
  • Schubskuh

    A salute for those about to rock from germany!

    juin 2010
  • game0ver

    They closed Download 2010 at Donnington with this. Fucking awesome.

    juin 2010
  • Amelie1st


    mai 2010