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  • Solar_Smile

    Nyasha. =^--^=

    août 2014
  • Szebestyen

    Cool artist!

    mai 2014
  • simon_ko


    octobre 2013
  • Felix_Joga

    多给近期的图片点个赞吧 =w=

    septembre 2013
  • CaptainYF

    My Life Will……<3

    août 2013
  • susergay2

    为什么我的全是简体呢?= =

    août 2013
  • Pianointhewind

    @Diegodelawegda You can find them under both names, because they're just different spellings In different regions,like favorite and favourite

    juillet 2013
  • Diegodelawegda

    Her one CD ;-)

    mai 2013
  • Diegodelawegda

    Does anyone know under which name I can find her CDs???

    mai 2013
  • xXSWED_420Xx

    Greeetings from Canada.

    avril 2013
  • Reckless_Py


    mars 2013
  • Pianointhewind


    mars 2013
  • vvminlik

    Why not merge with 張懸?

    novembre 2012
  • sunrisezihan

    Oh,you guys come on!Just becuz a free track on this page?!MERGE WITH 張懸 PLZ!

    août 2012
  • galening

    why can't people just correct their tags to 張懸? vote for correct name at lower right corner!

    juillet 2012
  • Haoper


    juin 2012
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    2012 May 12: 357,107 plays (18,394 listeners), 114 plays in your library

    mai 2012
  • nakano31

    Cool !! 张悬 has a beautiful voice ! 我喜欢"喜欢"

    avril 2012
  • vvminlik

    j just want to get away from me

    avril 2012
  • zuotingfengyu


    mars 2012
  • comeherald

    why can't people just correct their tags to 張懸? This doesn't seem to be difficult to me.

    janvier 2012
  • Deepsea887


    octobre 2011
  • wiserbutnotolde

    beautiful, instant fan with just one song

    août 2011
  • JohannesStrader

    Haha, of course I've not been talking of the English lyrics :-P

    mai 2011
  • JohannesStrader

    She seems to be singing pretty clearly - at least I can understand the few words I know quite well. Anyway her music sounds great!

    mai 2011

    like that... what's her name?

    avril 2011
  • ichbanana

    i love her

    février 2011
  • Ferdokki

    Such a beautiful voice...

    janvier 2011
  • sumwet


    janvier 2011
  • Julyisback

    any song is cool

    juin 2010
  • gui_x

    喜欢 is cool

    mai 2010
  • chinese_fries

    good !~!!

    mai 2010
  • shiniigami


    avril 2010
  • sneakay

    @metalickl: You note the number of listeners that each tag has, but not the number of plays? The proper tag has over 60,000 plays more than the improper tag. Want to know why? Because people like me who actually bought her album instead of just download one song off know how to tag things.

    mars 2010
  • amiqiu


    février 2010
  • MazzieEowyn

    *loves Taiwanese singers* :)

    février 2010
  • HelsinkiSuicide


    janvier 2010
  • metalickl

    mainland china tag 张悬, chinese taiwan tag 張懸 and all others tag Zhang Xuan. language is a just a way to communicate an understanding, as long as we understand in a consistent way, what language we used to communicate is irrelevant. you can't just delete/merge one tag here, this one has 10,000+ listeners while the other only has 3000. we are all children of music, why bring politics to ZhangXuan you are beautiful, I support you and your music forever!!!

    décembre 2009
  • vesna_in_heart

    pleease ppl send me wo de bao bei i cant find it!(

    décembre 2009
  • daikirai69

    Liutaoyong... sure... whatever you say... But anyway, this needs to be merged with 張懸 for sure. Regardless of what you think her nationality is, 張懸 is the right tag.

    décembre 2009
  • howtwosavealif3

    this girl is amazing!! :D i'm in love with the song ain't my man which is actually all in chinese. can't wait to listen to her whole albums. INDIE GOLD right here! as far as i can judge from one song.. :)

    décembre 2009
  • Liutaoyong

    Note: Taiwan is a part of china...怎么会在这里出现一个台独份子啊

    octobre 2009
  • einstuerzende

    Yeah, this needs to get merged with 張懸, or at least revise the description (she's Taiwanese, not Chinese).

    octobre 2009
  • chenlu


    septembre 2009
  • nickwang


    juillet 2009
  • brtkrbzhnv

    This needs to be merged with 張懸 (the Traditional Chinese version).

    juillet 2009
  • Fritbread

    @Xiao_Hua: Thanks a lot!

    juin 2009
  • Fritbread

    Very nice. Can anybody here transcribe her name and write it with Latin letters? Thanks!

    juin 2009
  • pocktynox


    juin 2009
  • lodvg_chix


    juin 2009