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    PODCAST #022 - DJ TLR

    Ten years ago DJ TLR took up the baton to represent the west coast sound of Holland with his Crème Organization label. With close to a hundred releases since, the label has firmly established itself as a bastion for of jacking Chicago house sounds, eclectic synth-disco, and Detroit-style electro alongside like-minded imprints such as Bunker and Clone.

    Many well known artists of the Dutch scene have contributed to Crème from the start, such as The Hague's Danny Wolfers, whose prolific productions for Crème have appeared under his Legowelt, Polarius, and Salamandos guises, and who has teamed up with TLR under the name of Mr. Clavio on occasion.

    The Crème Organization family has quickly expanded across the Dutch borders however, and over the past years many of the world's finest artists of the electronic music underground have contributed to the label: From Detroit electro legends AUX 88 to italo disco pioneer Alexander Robotnick, from jacking acid jams by James T. Cotton to analogue house music tracks by Basic Soul Unit.

    DJ TLR's zero" exclusive podcast perfectly encapsulates the Dutch west coast sound with some of the hottest new tracks of the moment: Kink & Neville Watson's 'Metropole' for instance, Redshape's 'Future Shock', or A Made Up Sound's 'Rear Window'. He further revisits a true forgotten techno classic, Marty Bonds' 'Surkit', and ends his mix with a brilliantly adventurous footwork track, 'Poetry' by Chicago's teen prodigy DJ Nate.

    Listen here:

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