Artist of the Week - Nominations

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    • 19 jan. 2012, 15h03m

    Artist of the Week - Nominations

    As requested by irenemarie00 I have created this nomination thread where you can post artist you feel deserve the attention of the weekly vote. There is 2 criteria for the nominations, any nominations that are not within these will not be considered:

    1) The artist must have less than 2000 listeners.

    2) The artist must have tracks that members can listen to. If these tracks are external to then please put a link by the nomination.

    I also have 2 request, which aren't essential, just preferable:

    1) The artist is still current.

    2) Could you also define which genre the artist is mainly within.

    The more nominations that each artist gets, then the sooner they will be put in for voting. If the nominations are from the same member then they will only be counted as 1 nomination.

    If the nominations are equal at the end of the week then the artists will be selected on if the artist has tracks on and date submitted.

    Thank you

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  • Alexa Woodward

    Thanks king_prawn95

    I nominate Alexa Woodward. She is a stellar folk singer with less than 1,000 listeners. You can listen to three of her albums on Spotify and download her albums on Bandcamp.

    Nominated for Artist of the Week

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    • 22 jan. 2012, 9h42m

    Gérard Siracusa

    I nominate Gérard Siracusa who is a percussionist and a composer.
    His work is dedicated to improvised music. You can listen to his solo album "Drums Immersion" on Spotify or some of his tracks on myspace.
    He is less than 2,000 listeners.

  • Fab Samperi

    I nominate Fab Samperi. He does an interesting mix of Electronic and Bossa Nova. His song "In The River" has great blues samples.

    He has less than 1,000 listeners. His music is available on Spotify, as well as Myspace.

    Nominated for Artist of the Week

    Artist of the Week for the week of 4 March 2012.

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    • 23 jan. 2012, 3h27m

    Shileper High

    I nominate Shileper High. Pop punk band from Brazil. They has less than 1.000 listeners. Available on My Space

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    • 23 jan. 2012, 20h34m

    Gérard Siracusa

    I also nominate Gérard Siracusa. A great improviser! Thank you rolandkirk!

  • I nominate Raphaël D. Hardy, a composer coming straight from Upper Normandy. Sounding piano music. He has less than 1,000 listeners and loves PIXAR animated movies. Thank you everybody for reading.

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    • 2 fév. 2012, 0h53m

  • I nominate Cold Womb Descent, deeply space ambient cooperation between two independent ambient producers. The album is a journey, an exploration of different settings on the way to far galaxies and different civilization in decline.

  • I nominate Annorkoth. Atmospheric black metal from Russia. Has less than 1,000 listeners.

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    • 6 fév. 2012, 17h56m
    i nominate Mealann, dark ambient from Poland.

    • fydhws a dit :...
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    • 10 fév. 2012, 15h22m
    Mealann dark ambient/drone

  • I nominate Avar, hungarian avantgarde symphonic music.

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    • 12 fév. 2012, 23h08m
    aiRless pRoject - IDM, downtempo, ambient, experimental

    • airless_mk a dit :...
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    • 13 fév. 2012, 16h37m
    Airless Project - IDM, downtempo, ambient, experimental

  • creepoid

    i nominate Creepoid, an indie rock band from Philadelphia. Their album can be streamed on bandcamp.

    Nominated for artist of the week

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    • 21 fév. 2012, 21h22m
    Musica Universalis - kosmische music, krautrock, psychedelic

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    • 4 mars 2012, 14h47m

    The B. Goodes

    Is it cheeky to nominate ourselves?

    The B.Goodes

    Indie, pop 'n' roll to make you Feel Alright

    Full track previews on last FM -

    Will I Remember In The Morning

    Never Forget You

    You'll Feel Alright if you add The B.Goodes to your library today!

    LastFM Fans of The B Goodes ¦ ¦
    Tweet @thebgoodes
  • Killers are quiet when they come from my head.
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    • 5 mars 2012, 22h03m

    The Casters

    I nominate The Casters an Electronic Rock Band from Spain, Their first album, Once We Were, is being released tomorrow (6 of March) Nationwide and digitally in iTunes. You can hear two songs from the album

    And their First Video Clip:

    Ps you can also hear them in Spotify

  • I nominate Singtank an indie pop band from Paris, France. A few of their songs are on Myspace.

    Nominated for artist of the week

    Artist of the Week for the week of 8 April 2012.

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    • alexi1000 a dit :...
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    • 12 mars 2012, 8h37m

    i nominate Steve Smyth...the best upcoming Singer/Songwriter i' ve heard in years...great guy!

    4 Songs playable on listeners who use spotify or simfy in Germany should give him a try...8)

    Too old to Rock'n'Roll, too young to die
    • rolandkirk a dit :...
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    • 17 mars 2012, 15h04m

    Captain Bastard and the Scallywags

    I nominate Captain Bastard and the Scallywags (11 listeners).
    They are a "folk-punk pirate band".
    You can find them here : Captain Bastard and the Scallywags
    or : Captain Bastard and the Scallywags

  • Bergrizen, Ukrainian masterpiece atmospheric / depressive black metal.

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