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Créé le : 7 avr. 2004
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All things Post Punk.

After the punk revolution of 1977, a number of bands inspired by the d.i.y. spirit and raw sound of punk were formed. However, instead of replicating the sound of the Sex Pistols, many of these bands forged into more experimental territory, taking cues from a range of artists and styles, such as Roxy Music, David Bowie, disco, dub and Krautrock. The result was Post-Punk, a more adventurous and arty form of punk, no less angry or political but often more musically complex and diverse. Many of these groups -- like Joy Division or the Cure -- created dark, synthesizer-oriented soundscapes while others-- like Josef K. or XTC -- had a lighter guitar-based musical approach but their lyrics and music were off-kilter and often subverted traditional pop/rock song structures. The punk rock revolution brought back a lot of what people thought was important in music and Post-Punk is about taking that attitude to all forms of music. There are definitely some stereotypes, but over all, the specific sound of Post-Punk is undefinable. It's definition can only be found in it's attitude and lyrical content. Recently there has been a Post-Punk revival with many new bands being associated with the term. The truth is Post-Punk has never gone away!

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