music is my girlfriend but we have like a open relationship

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Créé le : 7 mai 2008
Description :
J/K J/K J/K...if music found this grouOH SHI-

This is a group for people is a long-term, serious relationship with Music, an abstract non-psychical entity manifested through ethereal vibrations, but do not believe in the institution of marriage yet also seek irregular human contact. In an possibly sexy yet entirely legal and ethical way.

You agree to the following:

1. [Me] and Music are tight. It's forever. But she's totally cool with fooling around. You don't even have to bring it up with her or nothing. It's cool.

2. Music is female. All music. I like that song too. But this is for real.

3. If you are a girl and worried about seeming gay or bisexual, this group is not for you. Be serious. Gay men already don't give a fuck what people think, and therefore rule. Besides, being this in to music is already pretty gay. Any REALLY straight men should be watching NASCAR or some bullshit right now, seriously.

4. If you complain about my use of pronouns you will be banned. Banned from life.

5. People who *have* been banned from life and try to come here to hit on people will be banned from here. This group is not for hooking up. It's simply declaring your subscription to what I like to call "sanity". Sexy, sexy sanity.

This sane, legal, ethicality all might sound "boring". That's because we're on the internet. Keep talking about being "crazy" and how hard it is to talk to people for a few more years and let me now how that turns out.

Connections are for sexy artists. That make music you can have sex to. With another person. Arguing with the list will prove your sex life worse than mine, which is more of tragedy than you need to share. Really, you are making it worse. Let's move on. Down the sexy.


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