Favorite albums/artists in 2007

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    • 2 jan. 2008, 11h44m

    Favorite albums/artists in 2007

    Loads of good music emerged in 2007. My top5 favorite albums are:

    Down To The Bone - "Supercharged"
    Parov Stelar - "Shine"
    4hero - "Play with the Changes"
    Fujiya & Miyagi - "Transparent Things"
    Atjazz - "Full Circle"

    Top 3 favorite streamable artists in 2007:
    Inverso Lagarto

    listen e-jazz, 100% stress relief ...
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    • 18 jui. 2008, 14h46m

    my favourites

    It's true - lot's of good music
    for me I need some vocals, not only instrumental stuff
    I prefer a strong voice like bella wagner

    It's All Over Now Baby Blue

    or alice russel

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    • 15 sept. 2008, 11h58m
    Perhaps out of all the nu-jazz's from my library - Islands has been going through as my personal favourite since last year. Yukimi Nagano's vocals are truly inviting :). Less abstract sounding from a few other nu-jazz artists.

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