Favorite Album

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    • 23 mars 2008, 22h53m
    Por ahora mi album favorito es "If You Are Feeling Sinister"

  • 1.sinister
    2.tigermilk & boy

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    • 27 mars 2008, 17h20m
    My favourite album: SINISTER
    My favourite EP: BOOKS

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    • 28 mars 2008, 4h32m
    The Boy With The Arab Strap. *covers face*

  • For me it's either The Life Pursuit or If You're Feeling Sinister... Hm... I'm going to say The Life Pursuit (although I'll probably change my mind), simply because it's the only album I can listen to without feeling like skipping any song.

    • izakage a dit :...
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    • 30 mai 2008, 1h03m
    It's gotta be Tigermilk for me.

    If I had to choose one album out of my entire collection to listen to for the rest of time, Tigermilk would be it.

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    • 31 jui. 2008, 11h33m
    One week it's Tigermilk, the next Dear Catastrophe Waitress

  • Best EP: Dog On Wheels
    In spite of my opinion, It's the best
    Best LP: I'd have said Push Barman to Open Old Wounds, but I guess it doesn't really count...
    I dont know why, but I don't like neither Sinister, or Boy.(maybe i'll get used to them later)
    So, I choose Tigermilk and then Pursuit

    • victorn18 a dit :...
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    • 17 août 2008, 5h53m
    As a good B&S fan, I'd say that I love everyone, but 'the best one' depends on the situation. If I'm too sad, my favorite one is The boy with the arab strap, in the other hand, if I'd like to get happy, I'd listen The life pursuit or Dear catastrofe waitress!

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    This thing might be helpful. Today mine's Either Arab Strap or DCW

    • Kahvel a dit :...
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    • 3 nov. 2008, 14h34m
    ''The boy with the Arab strap''. (sometimes ''Dear Catastrophe waitress'')

    war war war war, i want to declare a war!
  • If You're Feeling Sinister, most definitely. And then The Boy With The Arab Strap. Then Tigermilk.

    • Hightwig a dit :...
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    • 26 sept. 2010, 17h09m

  • If you are felling sinister

    Musica de qualidade, sem rótulos.
    • Doreh a dit :...
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    • 15 oct. 2010, 7h40m
    Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant

    • suuumi a dit :...
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    • 22 avr. 2012, 6h24m
    Fold your hands
    The boy with the arab strap
    and then
    Tiger and Sinister

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