Sound Samples

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    • 29 mars 2007, 21h24m

    Sound Samples

    Here are some of the (legal) mp3-s, just so you get the general idea of the band =)

    Värttinä - Oi Dai from "Oi Dai" (1991)

    Värttinä - Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta (The Village Awaits the New Moon) from "Seleniko" (1992)

    Värttinä - Katariina from "Aitara" (1994)

    Värttinä - Laiska (Lazy) from "Ilmatar" (2000)

    Värttinä - Sepän Poika (The Blacksmith's Son) from "Iki" (2003)

    Our generation will have to repent not only for the words and acts of the Children of Darkness, but also for the fear and apathy of the Children of Light.
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