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Créé le : 12 avr. 2011
Description :
This list is for fans of the great traditional metal bands from the United States from anytime between the 1980's and now.

This group is for fans of the great heavy metal scene that was a huge part of the US in the 1980's.

US power metal in the the 1980's to now was an extension of what the NWOBHM had brought forth. Many of the bands in the US sect were varied; there were bands that drank heavily from the NWOBHM, there were bands who took an aggressive, thrash-infused style, and there were others who tread more progressively minded waters. With the advent of the internet, as well as the metal scene's desire to document itself and its history (for better or worse), many of these bands are now seeing the light of day, for which I am eternally glad.

I encourage lively debate and discussion, however, I do have to come down on people who either don't contribute or just are around to troll. Thank you for your time. I appreciate it, hopefully you enjoy yourself and find some great bands. :)

(note: i'm looking for active users who want to contribute to the group... so if you know somebody on who is interested in discussing this style of metal, have them see if they're interested in joining up)

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