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Leader : CarmaRosso
Politique d'adhésion : Ouvert
Créé le : 29 jan. 2010
Description :
A place for lesser known independent electronic beats

This group was founded to create a bigger audience for lesser known artists.
Because if many unknown artists give many unknown artists a listen, they have also a bigger audience ;o)
You're invited, to give musical recommendations.

The criteria for connected artists:
1. To work against a inconsequential mixture, the recommended artist musical compatibility with Carma Rosso must be very high!
2. It should be an unsigned Artist or signed to an independent label!
3. The artist should have not many listeners (possible less than thousand - not at all more than 5,000)!

Become a member of The incredible Independence and you will get a weekly album recommendation like this...

Enjoy the unknown tunes...

My album tip:

Bears In The Attic :: Protein Sound

All Day Animal♥♥♥
No Matter♥♥♥♥
Don't Leave Till Daylight♥♥♥

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