The Venetian School

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The Venetian School—instrumental in the transition from renaissance to baroque style in music

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What you didn't quite know about renaissance and baroque music

Venice—during the late renaissance era (1550-1610) the innovative center fostering
a major shift from Renaissance polyphony to a new polychoral style which not only
became popular across Europe but led directly to Baroque music. the interesting
thing is : it was the acoustic characteristics of the imposing building of the San
Marco basilica (see picture) that influenced the new style ... today, some of the
composers of that stylistic period are considered as Renaissance, some as Baroque.
do you believe, they did care ? and does it tell you anything about the music that
actually was written and composed at this time ?

important composers
Claudio Monteverdi
Heinrich Schütz
Hans Leo Hassler
Adrian Willaert
Cipriano de Rore
Giovanni Gabrieli
Claudio Merulo
Vincenzo Galilei, father of Galileo Galilei

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still pigeonholing composers because of the era they lived in ?
you didn't know what early & classical music is ! but you will.
Galante Music
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The Venetian School

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Venetian School—a SiR HendRix Group production

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