The Mountain Goat People

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Leader : ChainChompMan
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Créé le : 4 déc. 2006
Description :
A group for über-cool fans of The Mountain Goats and/or goats in general.

The Rocky Mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus), often called simply mountain goat, is a large hoofed mammal found only in North America. Although it resembles a goat, it is actually more closely related to the antelopes. It resides at high elevations and is a sure-footed climber, often resting on rocky cliffs that predators cannot reach.

The Mountain Goats is the name of prolific American singer-songwriter John Darnielle's long-running musical project. Darnielle began recording in 1991, and has become known for his highly literary lyrics and, until 2002, his lo-fi recording style. Currently, when the band plays live, it comprises John Darnielle and Peter Hughes, but Darnielle has worked with a number of other musicians when recording albums under The Mountain Goats name.

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