Fave 3 BRMC songs ever...and why?

  • Fave 3 BRMC songs ever...and why?

    Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll (Punk Song)...because it takes me back to the tiny club band when BRMC were just starting...

    Fault Line...because on Howl they really showed the world how diverse of a band they are...and I just love that song.

    Conscience Killer....fave new track...the band always keeps it fresh...love the live version.

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    • 25 mars 2011, 2h30m
    Spread Your Love - reminds me of a girl i was with, 1st brmc song i was bang into

    Sympathetic Noose - a great song to play on guitar, just love it...

    Rise or Fall - the lyrics really speak to me and... its just fucking banging

  • 1) 'Aya' - While listening to it, I imagine Pete sticking his hand into my chest and pulling this song right out of my heart. The mood of this song perfectly defines me.

    2) 'Gospel Song' - When this song hits the chorus, it's like the world is suddenly cleared of fog. I'm not religious in any way (and unless I'm mistaken, this song is more about marijuana than it is about Jesus), but listening to this song is always and such and enlightening experience, and is honestly the only thing that truly connects me to my emotions. I find myself in tears when listening to it...which is kind of pathetic.

    3) 'In Like the Rose' - This song is magic. That bassline is apocalyptic. Robert's lyrics are marvellous. "Devils' hands will replace the ones I've known"

    Honorary mentions go to 'Martry', 'Red Eyes and Tears', 'Howl', 'Not What You Wanted', 'Sympathetic Noose' and 'All You Do Is Talk'.

  • 1. Need Some Air --> It reminds me of sitting at the airport when leaving Glasgow for the last time. So many brilliant and horrid things had happened and the song just summarised all of it perfectly.

    2. Red Eyes and Tears --> Gig at Glasgow. All this light and the bass in one's chest and the heat... first time feeling completely detached from my body. An incredible feeling.

    3. Devil's Waitin' --> It was the first song I ever heard by them and it touched me deep inside.

    Verschwende deine Zeit, du wirst schon sehen wohin das führt, dieser ganze Geiz ist sowieso nicht wirklich geil...
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    • 23 sept. 2011, 21h53m
    Love Burns, from the haunting intro to the attitude and chilling voice of Peter Hayes and the strum of the acoustic guitars and distorted bass this is one of the coolest songs in the planet.

    Fault Line, The song that makes you feel good in a swing on the yard. Definite alone experience.

    Howl, this song always reminds me somehow of my generation. I don´t know how but I like it for that and it makes me feel proud.

  • Spread Your Love,Bad Blood and Weapon Of Choice

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