Other Swedish Artists...

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    • 25 mai 2007, 13h03m

    Other Swedish Artists...

    The group connections list is full to overflowing, and it is not possible to add any more at present.

    If you have a suggestion that you would like added, should the possibility arise in the future, please post it here.

    Please use the artist buttons to make links, that's kind of the point. And do check that they aren't already connected, there's over 300 artists that are.

    I'll start us off with a couple I see in the shoutbox:

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  • signed: poor overly grammar-conscious little foreigner
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    • 29 mai 2007, 20h08m
    Amon Amarth
    Lord Belial
    In Flames
    Morgana Lefay
    Arch Enemy
    Backyard Babies
    Hardcore Superstar
    Völund Smed
    Nocturnal Rites

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    • 4 juin 2007, 6h43m
    Music 77

  • ..

    the knife

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    • 1 jui. 2007, 2h43m
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    • 5 jui. 2007, 20h55m
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    • 7 août 2007, 7h51m
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    • 8 fév. 2009, 13h02m

    Forget me not or i will forget myself
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    • 20 fév. 2010, 14h13m
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    • 20 sept. 2010, 8h13m
    My favorites are:
    -Anna Ternheim
    -Lisa Miskovsky
    -Mans Zelmerlow
    -Agnes Carlsson
    -Sebastian Karlsson
    -Patrik Isaksson
    -JJ Johansson

  • Dark Tranquillity
    Yngwie Malmsteen

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    • 22 avr. 2012, 19h30m
    -To ty przypieprzyłaś mi krzesłem?
    -Tak. Przepraszam!
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    • 13 oct. 2012, 19h23m
    First Aid Kit! I saw them at WOMADelaide 2012 (Australia)


    \m/ IN FLAMES \m/

    --> Sweden :D
  • Enemy Is Us and I'm not sure how about At the Gates.

    "Yes, I am falling... how much longer 'till I hit the ground?
    I can't tell you why I'm breaking down.
    Do you wonder why I prefer to be alone?
    Have I really lost control?"
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