Pharrell's new masterpiece: 'In My Mind'

    • Khafianer a dit :...
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    • 13 août 2006, 13h45m

    Pharrell's new masterpiece: 'In My Mind'

    Pharrell hips and hops on his new album 'In My Mind'. I heard that he practised some sing-courses for his fresh rap-passages (completely rapped songs, e.g. 'You Can Do It Too'). I see that he passed his test in rap-stylistics; Otherwise many songs on this album have a very tawdry and not diversified beginning
    ('Raspy Shit', 'Stay With Me', 'Young Girl'). Is it a stylistic device, this roughly scratch beginning or an uncreative one?

    So, what is your opinion, folks?

    • rutetedyne a dit :...
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    • 11 sept. 2006, 16h47m
    I love 'That Girl', 'Baby' and 'Take It Off (Dim The Lights)'! :D Yumyum! I also love 'Keep It Playa', 'Angel!, 'Young Girl/I Really Like You' and 'Number One'.

    To sum it up; I like this album :D

    • Idan_K a dit :...
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    • 15 nov. 2006, 13h51m
    all the albun great

  • The album was good......

    Take it off (dim the lights), Stay with me, That Guuuurlll (lol), Number 1.....You can do it too..

    All great songs. But for a Pharrell ALBUM, that I've only been waiting on since he did "Frontin'", it's pretty lackluster.

    I thought dude was gonna do sum supaflyyy shit, but I guess since Chad had kinda no input, and he's off doing the "ChaseChad" and Pharrell's taking over as "The Neptunes"'s hurtin me 2 C them splitting. I hope they get back together and do more work. It's better that way; and ionno about y'all, but I'm speaking for myself.

    • Khafianer a dit :...
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    • 26 août 2007, 22h48m
    Yep, in fact, Chad Hugo was not a flunkey ... Pharrell seems to airing this message, like "I can do it on myself, I got the sex-appeal".
    This is bad. Cause, Pharrell was the N*E* - Chad the R*D*.

    Ah: No Synthies on this album at all. Also bad.

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