Help! Late 90s song with a dreamy, beachy music video

  • Help! Late 90s song with a dreamy, beachy music video

    I keep thinking about a scene from a music video for a song from either the late 90s or early 00s that is set in a beach-ish setting (possibly California). I haven't yet managed to find the video and I'm hoping somebody here can help me find it.

    The video starts with two people (a girl and a guy if I believe correctly) hanging out inside and next to a car. The look and feel is a bit alternative. I get a very Smashing Pumpkins or R.E.M. feel (but it's likely neither). From what I recall the song itself is a bit dreamy.

    It's definitely not the video for 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins).

    Any ideas?


  • I found it!

    Lately I've been listening to Soma FM's most excellent Beat Blender radio station (which I disappointingly can't even scrobble to and the song I was looking for all this time was played!

    It turns out it's:

    Air - All I Need

    The music video can be found here:


    Thank you Soma FM!

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